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    golfheaven Adventurer

      Hello all I have a thought and would like all opinions. There is a lot of interest for raising money on this sight. It seams to me that we should post where start up is going to be located and see if other locals would be able to assist one another in joint ventures. I see the possibilities of a few start ups coming together and combing there efforts. Just might lead to something know one thought of before IE: I am trying to open a indoor golf facility and thought what if I could sub lease or co-pay rent/mortgage with another start up or existing business in Atlanta market. Might be able to open sooner, help others or just expand local resources.


      I could co-op with sports bar, fitness centers, golf shops, etc.


      Sure would like thoughts and idea's we might make it a new category of course a proper name would be required.


          Iwrite Pioneer
          I think you might have something. Look at the Run and Shot gym that used to be over near Hapeville, it used to have other businesses in it. I don't know if it is still open but I was a loyal customer when it first opened. The Street used to be Steward but now I think it is Metropolitan.

          Any partnerships that benefit both parties is a great idea.

          Maybe it is as simple as just starting a thread to find out who might be interested. I think you have hit on a bigger suggestion for this site - wouldn't be great to be able to view members by location or industry?
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              golfheaven Adventurer
              Thank you I think if we expand this in the community we can get it rolling
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                  gracepub Newbie

                  I've built a business on this type of networking platform. But, not through a firm. I tried joining two or three networking/joint venture services/communities etc. All I end up with is people who treat me like it is a priviledge to spend 10 hours working for them in exchange for a byline on their website - or nothing - as they forget the joint venture agreement.

                  I work successfully with a creative director in NY ( and the owner of a business community I also work with a couple of freelance writing agents. I give them SEO/SEM services in exchange for what they do best. We also refer clients to each other. It is a great method of promotion.


                  I would gladly pay a reasonable monthly fee to belong to a group that was set up like - ie. I don't give you your $$ or work until you are finished mine. And, if you rip anyone off the 'moderators' get involved. At it is easy for people to 'burn' you by asking for more and more after you accept the job - and then blackmailing you - or leaving a bad review.


                  Contact me if you can build a platform that works.