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    wcastleberry Wayfarer

      My name is Michelle Moses. I am a mother of six and a owner of a cleaning business(9 years) in
      charleston,sc. I am desperate for the funds I need to expand.I need two Company vehicles,more
      equipment and hopefully some media advertising. I anyone can help please let me know.

      Thank You,
      Michelle Moses
      A Charleston Cleaning Company
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          HELP!, Hello and welcome Michelle.

          How can i help you??. You are the owner of this cleaning service for the past 9 years.

          How much funds are you looking for?? For How Long??

          Do you have an Accountant?? Can I see prior year tax returns??

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              wcastleberry Wayfarer
              hey luckiest,

              First, I see this site is powered by bank of america , is this site about bank loans?
              If so, I don't have the credit for that and would have already thought of that.
              If not, then I will tell you, I do have tax records
              For 9 years I have done all of the cleaning myself and now I am ready to make this a much larger business
              The first thing I need to do is upgrade transportation to a more fuel efficient model and stock more supplies and equipment
              I would also like to do some major advertising etc.
              As far as a dollar amount I think I could start this process for about $20,000 To put this business where I want it would
              be more in the 50 to 75 k although I am not sure about the cost of tv ads
              i have a couple things on my credit that I am going to dispute and then I hope to be in a better position for credit help
              I found out that the grant thing is a lie so that's why I'm here hoping for a miracle
              Are you that miracle?
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                Scappa Adventurer


                Greetings Michelle,


                In my experience, your best shot for investors are your clients themselves. They know you, they know your business, they have experienced your level of service, and they can actually see the rotation and turnaround of your business.


                They can assess quickly if you and your business are a good risk. They have been relying in, and making use of your business for services for awhile now, so there is not much convincement you have to do to get them to invest (or not!) in your business.


                Be prepared to show past performance and future projections. Make sure your legal and tax paperwork is in order, and make sure you know what to offer in exchange for the investment, whatever it is: interest, ownership, or something else.


                Make sure also that your expansion plans make sense and justify the amount you are asking for. Be also prepared to show how your investor will recover his/her money, and finally, develop an exit strategy for the business in case of failure.


                This is a very simplistic response, and you can be sure that there is a lot more involvement to this, but I know you have a wealth of potential investors amongst your clients. Talk to them!


                Best luck to you Michelle.




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                intechspecial Ranger
                I would be willing to build a website for you for absolutely nothing, as my business is focused on helping persons that might not have the funding available to pay for web development.

                Here is another website I built for a cleaning company for free:

                You can contact me via my company home page: or my cell phone to discuss my services.