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    Did you just join the community? Read this first.

    Vince Adventurer

      Hi, and welcome to the Small Business Online Community! Let me first congratulate you on making the right decision in becoming a member of the community. There are thousands of fellow members eager to help you with your business question.


      But wait, before you go typing away, let me help you become a valuable contributor before you even start. To get a full and enjoyable experience, here are some housekeeping items you may want to take care of before you ask your first business question:

      • Complete your profile - If other members don't know who you are or what you do, how could they possibly help you. Am I right?
      • Introduce yourself - It's always nice to see new faces in the community. Introduce yourself with your first post
      • Have fun - Good questions and great dialogue make it fun for everyone. Keep it professional, yet light, and on topic

      Best of luck!