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    In need of capital soon

    edscooters Newbie
      I'm currently in need of capital to expand my inventories for my new scooter shop and advertising. Though I've only been in business for two months. I'm also very interested in offering my customers some type of financing with 20% down. I'm searching for funds between 10 & 15K. I know I've only been business for a short time, approximately 80% of my customers are asking for some type of financing. If there's someone here who would / could direct me to the right place I know once I'm able to offer these services to my customers my sales would just sky rocket. I've tried several financial institutions but most have backed away from financing Scooters or state I'm to new to the market or just finance the high priced ones. Though it's been hard as a new small business I'm not willing to give up that easy I know there's someone who's willing to take a chance and enjoy the later fruits. Ticket prices range from $1500.00 to $1800.00 per customer and by adding other types of models with more capital some tickets would go up to $2500.00 and plus some.
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          NoBullFunding Scout
          Hi Ed,

          Congrats on your new venture. I have a Xooter and used to get around NYC on it!

          As far as your need to offer your clients terms, you have a few options:

          1) You can finance the merchandise yourself by taking the down payment, then tacking on some interest rate and set up a principal repayment schedule. I would not recommend doing this option, as you are not in the business of lending money and don't want to be spending time chasing delinquint payers

          2) You could always do law-away. (I'm sure thats not a popular option in todays instant gratification world)

          3) Do you accept credit cards? There are 100 people on this forum who can help you get set up. That way people can charge the item, but you have minimal credit risk.

          4) You could hook up with a lender who wants to back you (ie lend to your customers), but given your time in business and the size of your operation, its unlikely that this option will be available to you.

          If you need $10K-$15K and banks are saying no, try or some other peer lending network. Rates are decent (depends on your credit) and you get to repay over 3 years.

          Best of luck!

          PS - I've always wanted a motorized much?
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            jameslender Newbie
            Give me a call to discuss your posting, 973-670-5265. I can put you in the right hands.