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    help ctp with a cot-code

    CTPProject08 Newbie
      Can anyone help us with a COT-code?
      We are CTP and are busy with starting up a hotel in Bangkok.
      Everything is arranged but we can not transfer money from a USA Bank to Thailand because we not have a COT-Code. It takes long time to send it from Thailand as i am now in The Netherlands. We do want to pay you back asap!!!
      If you want to do it via contract then its okay with us.
      we need 2500 USD to purchase this code.


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          CTPProject08 Newbie
          hereby a reply on my own advertisement,

          This is urgent!!!
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              DomainDiva Ranger
              COT = Cost of Transfer. Most likely associated wtih questionable transactions involving Nigerian nationals and allegedly fraudulent transactions.


              I have wired money all over the world and have never been asked for this. You may want to contact someone at your home bank and find out what is really happening here.
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                  CTPProject08 Newbie
                  thanks you all for being concerned.
                  i know its not the wellknown 419 scam.
                  i do think it is not the invester that is doing wrong, but i do have my doubts with the bank.

                  when you have more suggestions, we glad to hear.
                  again, Thanks for the replies.

                  greetings CTP

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                      CTPProject08 Newbie
                      to continue on the reply,

                      a hotel is not a few dollars, and we are capable to run a hotel on good way.
                      understand, this is for us the chance of a lifetime to begin something beautiful in worlds beautiful country.
                      so, we do our best to make this a succes.
                      better regret something from making a misstake then never tried it at all.
                      when never risc something, then never will win. right?
                      what would you do when you where standing in our feet?
                      we do have a good staff wich is willing to work very hard because they also do care for CTP.

                      we dont give up, but we want start our business well concidered and with much passion.


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                  Lighthouse24 Ranger

                  First (just to be sure that you are aware), this is a community of small business owners. It is sponsored by BoA, but the bank does not participate in these forums or respond to anything here.

                  That said, I am familiar with SWIFT codes as a means of facilitating international fund transfers, but not a COT code. Consider that it might be a scam . . . in other words, an unscrupulous employee of the bank tells you that you need a COT code in order for him to complete the transfer, which you can't get (because there's no such thing) except from someone who the employee refers you to -- who then sells you the code. They split the money, and the employee completes the transfer (which he could have done all along). My advice would be to contact someone different (higher up the org chart) in the bank and ask for more info on the COT code. Or contact another bank there regarding transfer procedures and see if they would require such a code.

                  Please note, I don't KNOW for a fact that it's a scam (it could be a requirement that I'm not aware of -- I haven't done any business in Thailand for several years). I'm just suggesting that you consider the possibility, especially if you can't find any credible answers. Good luck.