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    Seeking Investor For Music Project

    Michael_R Newbie

      My name is Michael Ruberu...

      You can see my song "Lit" on the FameGames show at

      The song was originally recorded as a cheap demo, focusing on my vocal skills and the strength of my songwriting.

      I submitted it to the show, and it rapidly outshone many other 'polished' songs that probably took a lot more money to record.

      The judges of the show proclaimed it a potential hit, with incredible crossover potential.

      I have found a producer in LA with the right contacts to make something happen with the labels. He is enthusiastic about the music, and feels that I can be the next John Mayer, given the right support.

      My music is playing in the US on the ABC Network via the FameGames show, it is also being played in Spain, UK, Australia, and Sri Lanka via Real Radio.

      The Sri Lankan Tourist Board has decided to canvas me to their 12,000 international contacts.

      I am now in talks with somebody in AirTel to see if my identity can be promoted on their commercials.

      I was just approached by Sony Sri Lanka...but I am waiting to hear what they are willing to offer us.

      If you listen to the song at the link (I am currently ranked #4 on the left), and are curious about the possibilities, please email me at: