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    I need help...asap

    daisyrose27 Newbie
      I am a business owner.. for almost 2 yr.s now.. I am looking for some financial help.. I bought a current tanning and nail salon.. remodled and added a flower shop.
      So far I can say we are growing.. up 247% from last yr. I am a hard worker.. diligent.. detailed.. well now that I have used all of my resources.. I am in a financial spot.. that is just taking me down. Living day to day.. wondering if I am going to make it..
      Yes.. we are busier.. but, during my slow season last year.. I robbed peter to pay paul.. which now.. going thru my busy season.. I have just been paying the bills.. now here we are again.. in our slow season..
      I am a very good marketer.. I am a social butterfly.. and networker.. so I know I can make this a great business..

      I am looking for a private investor.. or a public investor.. I am looking to consolidate all of my debt.. and have some working capital to carry me till the next busy season.
      So I am wanting about 150,000.00 I have a business plan.. I have all of my numbers.. so please let me know

      Thank you so much
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          I need help, Welcome Barbara.

          *How did you wind up in Roseburg,
          If you take Route 42 West, how far are you from the Pacific Ocean??

          I would like to know why you need $150,000 and also want to read your business plan.
          You can email it to me at " "

          Thanks LUCKIEST
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              daisyrose27 Newbie
              Yes... if I go west.. one hr.. I am at the coast..

              Why do I need the money.. I pretty much explained in my profile.. I got into an exisiting tanning salon.. paid the owner the first yr.. first slow season came along.. I robbed Peter to pay Paul .. so now my debt to income is not good.. and I do not have a chance with the banks.. or sba.. my house does not have enough equity..

              Business Plan.. I can e-mail that to you tomorrow.. so please maybe tell me who you are.... and what you do.. ? so I do not share all my personal life with someone I do not know.. :)

              I am a hard worker.. I just finished up my wedding season with a lot of compliments.. I know I will be a success.....I am good at marketing.. my business.. my sales are growing by the day.. but, with the high interest credit cards.. I cannot get ahead.. and now it is the slow season for tanning and weddings.. so I am trying to figure what I am going to do.. next..

              I have been working on this all summer.. waiting to get my taxes done.. waiting to get my business plan done.. and waiting for each bank to tell me no..

              I am ot delinquent on any payments right now.. but, I am thinking about going to a credit counsler locally.. and work this out.. but a investor would be the key..

              thank you

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                  affiliatesun Wayfarer
                  I MAY be able to help. The capital service I work for (Advanced Merchant Capital) deals with people like you who the banks do not take. We give INTEREST FREE money to businesses looking to grow. Contact me through email, or give me a call. My number is in my profile. I look forward to helping you out.
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                Fortis Adventurer
                Hello daisyrose27,

                Have you considered doing an SBA? How's your personal credit? Email directly if you would rather not showcase this information to the world.