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    New merchant services website up and running

    amspcs Ranger
      We'd like to announce our new website that anybody in search of merchant credit card processing should read BEFORE they sign on the bottom line. Also very useful for existing cc processing merchants. Some of the topics covered:

      How to know if you're getting a good 'rate'..
      What's the difference between GROSS and NET processing?
      What's the difference between DAILY and MONTHLY processing?
      Hidden fees to watch out for and avoid.
      What to look for in the processor agreement fine print.
      Are free terminal deals REALLY a good deal?
      Step-by-step ecommerce credit card processing guide.
      Where to get processing equipment and supplies at the lowest prices.
      Canadian credit card processing guide.
      Check guarantee and ecommerce check guide
      Processing credit cards with Quickbooks
      Paypal guide
      FAQ's and Glossary

      Many people have told us they find this site to be very helpful. We certainly hope so. .
      Please visit and let us know what you think..

      Automated Merchant Solutions, Inc.