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    Home-based businesses

    notaging Wayfarer

      Hello everyone,

      I am in the mortgage, for now, I and several of my partners are looking for another way to eam money and we've heard of all the excitement of home-based businesses but where do we start?
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          chrisblanks Adventurer

          The best place to start is to start with your personal development. First, you have to be coachable. You need a mentor or coach to start you on the right foot. Its good that you realize you need help and are asking for it. That is a very good indicator that you are coachable. I would like your permission to email you a free ebook titled Success in 10 Steps. There are no companies mentioned or affiliate links promoted. Its just information that you need to know to help you build a successful Home Based Business. Email me your first name to and I will send you the free ebook.

          Chris Blanks
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            Fortis Adventurer
            Have you and your partners thought about becoming 1099 independent contractors? As a 1099 that allows you to work when you want and where you want. Obviously paid on results.
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              sugar16 Newbie
              check out if you are interesed email me
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                LUCKIEST Guide
                Home-based businesses

                Have you check out the posts PLEASE HELP ME START A HOME BUSINESS
                There have been 75 replies to that

                There were 235 replied

                Two great places to start.

                Good luck, LUCKIEST
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                  gunycz Newbie
                  Hi. My name is Andrew. I believe it can be hard to decide to open up your business in the field you don't have experience in. Some time ago I was in your shoes. I randomly responded to many companies that offered to become their affiliate (I believe this is what most of people mean when they are talking about home based business). There are hundreds of them to choose from. Not all of them are equal. I sorted out through a lot. What I found was very important, it was the support and competence of people that are out there to help you to successfuly start and to make sure that you will be prepared to continue successfuly with your business. This is exactly what I needed. I stuck with one company that made it easy for me. It still require a lot of learning and and work on my side, but I feel confident heaving such a good support of competent people (not automatic answering machines) devoted to my success. This make sens. If you are successful - they are successful. It works like franchise. If you make mone - they make money.
                  If you would like to check it out here are both of their websites

                  Good luck to you
                  Let me know how you like it

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                      PatsySchutte Newbie
                      There are many home based businesses out there. I agree with a previous post. You need to be coachable. Someone who is willing to put
                      time and money into yourself and your business. Don't get suckered into "get rich quick schemes" of which there are many. If these worked,
                      we would all be rich.

                      If you want to speak with me one to one, e-mail me at I welcome the opportunity to assist you in any way I can.
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                          james9 Newbie

                          Nice post, hi to one and all of this community, i am charles as said by PatsySchutte you should coachable take suggestions from your known persons that will be better for you, keep confidence on work definetely you will achieve it, have a nice day thank u
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                              lilac22 Newbie
                              Check out this web site:
                              It is the Direct Sellers Assoc. In order to be a member, the company is put through the wringer for a year in order to prove that it is valid. These companies offer opportunities to make money selling thier products.
                              There are tons of companies. Just scroll to each one and read what they have to say. I am in the process now of trying to make a choice.
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                                  DMIGUY Adventurer

                                  I checked out the site. It would seem to be a site where MLM's can get validated so long as they have some legit product at their basis.

                                  Have you made your choice?
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                                      lilac22 Newbie
                                      No, I haven't made my choice yet. I was looking at the health and wellness industry, knowing it's hot now, but it still seems saturated to me. I still have to take a bigger look at most of the companies.
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                                          travelismybiz Newbie

                                          The health and wellness industry surely is big business. There is a lot of money to be made, but my problem is that I don't typically use those types of products. If I am not 100% sold on a product myself I will not do very well. Also, too many of the health and wellness products are fad products that may or may not have any real health benefits. I for one don't want to try riding a fad.

                                          I have chosen the travel industry. The travel industry is expected to nearly double in the next few years, and we are positioned to grow right along with it. I am a member of the YTB Travel Network. Our network was the 35th largest travel agency in the nation just one year ago, but today we have grown to the 26th largest. We will continue to grow until we are the largest seller of travel in the world.

                                          If you would like to know more about the travel industry and the YTB Travel network check out and

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                                              lilac22 Newbie

                                              I'm not so sure about YTB travel. I always do my DD when it comes to resaerching a company or a work at home business. YTB is an MLM business and on there are over seven thousand posts on the company over a period of several years. There seems to be an issue with the owners, but I am sure if you are successful there isn't a problem.
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                                                  travelismybiz Newbie

                                                  Brick and Mortar travel agents of course don't like that travel has gone online and they really don't like that it's gone MLM. Like all starting MLM businesses they get a lot of flack at first. We've been approved by DSA and if you know anything about them that's not an easy thing. The thing I like most about this company is there is a lot of ways to make money. You get to choose the products you want to push or if you want to do the MLM side of the company. I love to sell travel so that is what I do. You will see there are a lot of people who don't make anything but I have to say from my experience they must not be working very hard because it's not that hard to tell the people you know about your site and get customers. The other way my husband is working the business is with non-profits. We can sell a website to a non-profit so they can make money on the travel that there supporters do and it really helps organizations out in a time when people don't have extra money to give to non-profits. Now supporters can pay the same price or less for the travel there already doing and 60% of the commission goes to there non-profit they want to help out. We just love helping other people it makes you feel good. I would love to tell people about all of the ways you can make money but the most important thing to us was that it just made sense and it has helped me and my husband to work from home. Check us out at or if you just need to get away I hope this has been helpful.
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                                                  travelworld Newbie
                                                  I used to be with YTB.
                                                  They lost their IATA credentials and are being sued for being a pyramid from California's state attorney.
                                                  They don't pay immediate residual and they won't let you advertise your business the way necessary in order to make it.
                                                  Their sign up fee is also 3 times more than ours. We are already in 96 countries.
                                                  I made the switch and we have also an overflow program where the money also rolls down hill not just uphill.
                                                  If you are not too involved with YTB yet, you should consider giving me a call and I can fill you in on everything that has been going on.
                                                  910-224-6057, Simone
                                                  and god bless!
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                                                      travelismybiz Newbie
                                                      If I was looking for a company to just do MLM maybe I would look into other companies but that's not the part of the company I want to do I want to sell travel and our company is the 26th largest travel agency in the world. Yes there is a suit in California but big companies get sued everyday. We were approved for DSA and they do not allow pyramids so I guess we'll see what happens. I'm still with the company making money off of the product and that's why I tell others about it not because I'm trying to get a down line. This company works for me and maybe it will for others.
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                                        gcamou05 Newbie
                                        I have a pretty amazing opportunity I FINALLY came across after 3+ years. :) It can get you a lil extra cash, or a full time income and beyond. Its a super low start up, and you honestly have nothing to lose. If you would like more info, get in touch. My name is Gloria and you can email me at I CANT WAIT TO HEAR FROM YOU!
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                                          xxPeter Newbie
                                          Hey, we started a Home business with a company that has been listed by Inc500 for the last two years and will be for 2008. View this NBC News clip regarding the technology:

                                          Also view my site where you can find more info at Click Make$.

                                          I hope this is of help and if you want further details contact us at

                                          Good Luck to you and Family!
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                                            kathiemt Newbie
                                            I believe you should look at your own skills and abilities first, and what interests you or lights you up. What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing? Once you know these answers then you can start searching online to see if there are others running businesses using those particular skills or working in whatever area that is.

                                            For me, I really enjoy secretarial and administration work so being a Virtual Assistant is an ideal choice. Nothing to do with joining companies, or signing up as an affiliate or anything like that. It's simply about using my skills and abilities to provide good client service and being really familiar with the software I need to use to do that.

                                            On you'll find tens of thousands of discussion forums on every imagineable topic and you're sure to find groups that relate to the various things you are interested in. You can join those discussions and learn from others - the pitfalls, the highlights and so on.

                                            Good luck on your search!

                                            Kathie M. Thomas
                                            Virtual Assistant Coach & Trainer
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                                              travelismybiz Newbie

                                              There are so many options out there that it can be mind blowing. For me it was neccessary to find a product and a company that I could believe in. If the product is good and the company is strong you will be able to make it work.

                                              The travel industry is where I found my home and the company that I chose is the 26th largest travel agency in the nation. The YTB Travel Network is strong and undergoing some exciting changes. We grew from the 35th largest to the 26th largest in just the past year. We will be the largest seller of travel soon.

                                              Check out to see how one lady from the mortgage industry turned her failing mortgage company into a new lifestyle with the travel industry.


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                                                travelworld Newbie
                                                Good day,
                                                Check out

                                                God bless,