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    Grow your business with gift cards this holiday season

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      Grow your business with gift cards this holiday season

      The leaves are starting to turn and the weather is getting a little cooler. This can only mean one thing: the holiday season is just around the corner. Last year retailers in the United States sold over 25 billion dollars of gift cards during the holiday season, which accounts for 15% of holiday spending. That number is expected to increase for 2008. Consumers are now looking specifically for gift cards, and if you don't have them you are missing out on a large segment of shoppers.

      Consumers Love Gift Cards

      Consumers love gift cards because it is a fast and easy purchase that ensures the recipient gets what they want. Many people wait until the last minute to make their holiday purchases and gift cards offer a safe and quick solution. Now all consumers have to know is what their recipient's favorite store is.

      Shoppers Spend More Than Gift Cards Are Worth

      Gift Cards can be a great way to increase sales this holiday season. Studies show that 61% of recipients spend, on an average, 20% more than the original gift card's value. Think about this for a minute, is there any other product in your store or marketing material you can use that can produce a 20% increase in sales? Not very likely. Gift Cards also pay you up front for a service you may or may not have to produce. So if the customer does not redeem, the money is still yours. In fact, 8 billion dollars in gift cards went unredeemed last year according to Consumer Reports.

      Extend Your Holiday Season Through January

      Traditionally, the holiday selling season covers the two months of November and December, ending with a final flurry of week-after-Christmas sales and returns. 64.5% of all gift card redemptions occur in January according to the International Council of Shopping Centers. Gift cards can increase foot traffic in your business even after the holiday rush.

      Customization Counts

      Having a customized gift card has great value. Think of it as a mini billboard. Every time your customer opens their wallet they see your logo. On average a person opens their wallet six times a day. That's six opportunities for someone to see your logo times how many gift cards you have out in circulation. That could have a huge impact to your business. This is a great tool to build brand awareness in a very saturated marketplace.

      Get Started Today

      Does a gift card program sound like a good idea for your business? Visit Encore Payment Systems' website at or call (800) 641-0420 today and get a gift card program in place for the 2008 holiday season.