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    Mexico Investment Partners Wanted

    MACWAT Newbie
      We are a Mexican Corporation formed in the 1st qtr. of 2008 and we are located on the Pacific Coast in the City of Manzanillo, State of Colima. We are a small but growing company focused on the tourist and hospitalty areas. Our financial plan calls for several diversified but complimentary revenue streams. We capitalized with $ 50,000 USD from 2 Canadian and 1 Mexican investor.

      In order to establish cash flow as quickly as possible we choose to establish VIVA VINO, an American-style liquor store as our first business venture. We anticiapte opening VIVA VINO stores through the Republic and opened our first store in Manzanillo about 6 weeks or so ago.

      We are currently waiting for final Mexican government approval to obtain our import/export license. Our primary product/brands will be liquors, beers, wines and cigars for export and import. Tequila is "hot"in the US and Europe and we have 2 contracts in place with botique disilleries and are ready for export as soon as we have government permission. We also have established agreements with several major Eurpean Union brands of spirits for import into Mexico once we have our license and capital in place.

      Our third line of business is the tourist hotel - acquisition and rehab vs. new construction. We have seveal properties under review and we are ready to move forward as soon as capital becomes available.

      We are looking for 1 or more American investors interested in the Mexican Pacific Coast.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Mexico Investment Partners Wanted, Welcome

          How close is Manzanillo Colima to Cablo San Lucas??

          Do you have a Business and marketing Plan I can read??

          How large an investment are you looking for and when do you expect or plan
          to start making payments back to me on my investments

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              MACWAT Newbie
              Saludas -

              Thank you for your email. As to your questions-

              1. Cabo San Lucas is in the northern State of Baja California. Manzanillo is in the State of Colima in the Central Pacific coast area. Manzanillo is a good 1,000 miles from Cabo by car but only a couple of hours by air. Manzanillo is about 4 hrs by car from Guadalajara, the 2nd largest City in Mexico.

              2. Yes, we have a business and marketing plan but it is written in Spanish. We are having the documents translated and they should be ready in a week or so. And then yes, a copy is yours to read as we will have it posted on-line and can give you a password to the document location on our website: www.grupomacat,

              3. As to your investment question. We have several options available to us under Mexican securities law. We could offer you a straight promissory note, a convertible promissory note ( convertible into our shares of our common stock), a common stock purchase ( which is a little more complicated for foreign investors but the route our Canadian investors took because it allowed them to automatically obtain a Mexican FM-3 VISA which allows them live and work and travel freely in Mexico ). Another option is a profit sharing arrangement. For example, once we finalize our licensing for import/export we will be buying shipping containers full of liquors and wines for sell in Mexico. You could buy a shipping contanier of product and share in the profits of the distribution. An average container holds about 700 cases of wine or beer and depending on the product cost about $ 35,000 - $ 70,000 a container. Another option is to take an ownership interest in a VIVA VINO store; a $35,000 investment allows for a 49% ownership in the store and allows for a 49% profit distribution.

              Again, thank you for your email.

              Norma Leticia Gomez Rodriquez de Wakely
              Director General
              Grupo Macwat S.A. de C.V.
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                  thebruce7 Newbie

                  I would be very interested in the ownership interest in a VIVA VINO store as well as Another option is to take an ownership interest in a VIVA VINO store; a $35,000 investment as well as common stock purchase to obtain a Mexican FM-3 VISA.  Please feel free to contact me by one of the methods below.  Thank you for your valuable time & consideration.


                  Robert Bruce


                  Saint Louis, MO-USA


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                Greatness Newbie
                How long will it take for the mexican goverment give you approval on your license to operate and exactly how much investment money are you going to need.
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                    MACWAT Newbie
                    I assume you are asking about the import/export license. It is really a 2 part process. The first part is applying for the license which is a rather simple process and for which we are already approved.

                    The second part is more complicated - it is where you tell the government what you want to import or export. And then you are giving a license to import / export what you have applied for : be it clothes or shoes, automobile parts, or as in our case, liquor and wines and cigars. To complete this process we most hire a Customs Agency and provide more specific details of what we are importing, etc. We are working our way through this process and maybe in another week or so we will have our full license.

                    The actual cost of obtaining the liscense ( which must be renewed each year ) is about $ 2,000 USD. A cost which is not an issue for us. The cost, which is an issue for is, purchasing the product or products we wish to distribute here in Mexico or for export, purchasing the Mexican product and making arrangements with a foriegn importer.

                    For example, we have an import and distribution agreement in place with a well-established English (London-based) distillery for the purchase of gin and whiskies for distribution here in Mexico. We would be the sole importer of their brands. We also have a similar agreemet in place with a Miami-based company for the importation and distribution in Mexico of 20 year old Jamican rum. In both cases, Letters of Credit in the amount of the purchase must be posted. Additional costs include ground transportation to Manzanillo once the cago containers arrive in the port of Vera Cruz. Depending on whether we are looking at 20' or 40' containers, what we are bring into the country for re-sell, the cost ranges from $ 35,000 to over $ 70,000 per container. Of course you have the added cost of marketing a new product into the country.

                    I hope my response answers your questions. If not, please feel free to call me directly here in Mexico (52) 314-336-7914.