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    Growing Adventure Travel Company Looking for Investor

    Adventurebiz Newbie
      I'm in my tenth year. I've been underfunded since I started but have put together an efficient infrastructure that produces. I have the equipment I need to operate our profitable service business and the right inventory level to operate our retail business profitably. I've been in the cycle of borrowing what I can, operating, paying down, borrowing what I can...

      The business is in good shape in many ways: we have a track record of innovation, we're finally profitable, we have an effective management team, our systems are dialed, we're light years ahead of our competitors in our use of technology to improve the bottom line. I've found a piece of real estate that will enhance our existing business and open new revenue streams.

      I need $3,000,000:

      $2,500,000 for the real estate acquisition
      $200,000 to pay off or refinance existing debt
      $300,000 for working capital

      My plan is to put a profitable business on top of a spectacular piece of functional real estate. Please contact me if you'd like to hear the details.