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    Teen Wanting to Start a Business.

    twintwo3 Wayfarer
      I googled a small business help site and I came up on this one, becuase I am desperate for help, I hope this is a place I can go to ask help.

      I am a teen in high school and I want to start my own business next summer so I can make some money. (I thought about doing somthing like an errand business...something like that easy for someone of my age to do). There is just one problem, I have no idea how to start one. I read on some website bout the "LPR's", license, permits and registration. What kind of lincese and stuff do I need just to do a small summer job? What if I want to hire some friends to help me? How do I go about paying taxes?. I went to my town's local wesite and they have "Clearance Form" you have to fill out in order to apply for a business license. It says I need a building inspection and fire inspection, Why the heck would that type of stuff be relevant to an errand business or somthing like that? Am I just looking at a wrong form? It makes me mad how hard the government can make stuff to do all I want is to have my own business for a summer job. All I want to know is what do I need to do in order to start my business.

      I hate to be annoying or ignorant but I can't help it,I just don't know how to do it. Operrating the business doesn't worry me its just getting the licenses and stuff I need to operate legally. They don't exactly teach this type of stuff in school. Please anything you have to say I will be more than happy to see.

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Teen Wanting to Start a Business, Welcome

          Visit SCORE. SCORE in person or on line. SCORE is FREE and

          they help people who want to start a business. Even Teens.

          Good luck, LUCKIEST

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            Lighthouse24 Ranger
            The specific steps will depend, in part, on your age and location (city/county/state). Errand businesses are highly regulated in some jurisdictions, yet barely at all in others. In many cases it also depends on what's being transported, from where to where, and how (mode of transportation). If you can provide more details . . .
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              socalbits Wayfarer
              Hey man,

              don't feel dumb about asking this kind of stuff. You asked some really good questions and it's awesome that your entrepreneurial spirit is coming out. First, you really have to get an idea of what you want to do. To do this, write down (by yourself or with some friends preferably) what you're really good at. Then think if any of those things can generate some kind of $$$ in the period of time you are looking to do this. Once you have a pretty good idea, I would recommend going to your local city hall and speak with someone to point you in the right direction. Usually you have to get a business license and a fictitious name and put it in the local paper.

              You'll need to talk to a tax person, but if you're going to make less than like $6,000 taxes may not be an issue, but the business may have to pay some. Always consult a professional tax person, attorney or whomever you need to, sometimes it's free!

              Keep us posted on how things develop and keep asking questions when you need answers!
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                Yardbird Wayfarer

                Congratulations on wanting to start your own business, particularly at such a young age. A few things to consider and answers to some of your questions.

                1) Licenses and permits are usually local in nature. Check with your city and county regarding those requirements as well as any applicable regulations. Frequently these can be found on the municpalities web site like the one you mentioned. If you don't understand if you have the right form, call. They will be more than willing to help. Fire inspections will probably not be applicable.

                2) Keep good records. Open a checking account and learn how to balance your check book. If you use a debit card, make sure you keep track of those expenditures too. This is a discipline that is the cornerstone of fiscal management. Tracjk your income and your expenses in Quickin or some other money management program and ;learn how to read the financial output. This will give you a leg up as you continue your education.

                3) Learn how to market your services. Flyers work well in some instances. Are you helping people in your neighborhood? Make sure they know you are in business, what you plan to do and once you get customers, have them tell their neighbors too!

                4) Start promoting your business before school is out for the summer. It may take a little time to get things going.

                5) Hiring friends can be a challange. If you are going to make this a serious venture, then hire a payroll company for the detail work (smaller companies are not that expensive) and they will make sure you know how much to pay in taxes and when they are due. Failure to pay taxes properly can be a major problem. Do not "borrow" the money that needs to go to the government.


                Come back to this site and ask more questions! Read about business. And perhaps most importatntly, have fun doing what you chose to do. Business can be fun and profitable at the same time. Enjoy your experiance.

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                  twintwo3 Wayfarer
                  Thanks for all the answers, I am still thinking about how I should go about doing this. My grandpa owns his own business and could help me with the license and stuff. And to get my word out about my business I figured I could set out some business cards out at my church and buy an ad in the local newspaper here.

                  <address>I was hoping to make up to 2,000 bucks for the summer and thats alot better than getting a local job somewhere like a grocery store getting 5.50 minimum wage. I'll start asking around and tell you guys how its going.

                  (I found that clearance form for applying for a business license on my town's website if anyone wants to take a look at it I'll give you a link so you can tell me if its what I need)
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                    twintwo3 Wayfarer
                    ok I just got done emailing a SCORE mentor in a town near me and it says I should get and answer withing 2 days i'll let you guys know what he says.
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                      seaside742 Newbie
                      Are you 18??

                      If you would like to start a business, and can afford $200/month and treat it like a hobby until you get it off the ground, please email me at or visit my website at

                      This business is appealing because you don't have to purchase an inventory, and the company ships directly to the customer.