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    Start locally or offer franchises right away?

    SafeKids Newbie

      Is it better to start a new concept locally for a year +-, or go right into offering franchises?

      There is little national competition, a few regional offerings, but an un-ending client base.

      Concept can be easily franchised and offers a solid service. Should we go for building a local client base then offering franchises or could we do both simultaneously?

      Any thoughts are appreciated....
        • Re: Start locally or offer franchises right away?
          Lighthouse24 Ranger
          Three of the biggest advantages of buying into a franchise (for the franchisee) are a proven/perfected business operating model, name and trademark recognition, and established relationships (including favorable pricing and terms) with suppliers. I don't see how you could offer those to a potential franchisee if your very first location was barely out of the gate. Best wishes, whatever you decide . . .