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    Start up business

    ashydemon Newbie
      My name is Mike and I also am very interested in starting a small business. I have read some other inquiries and I'm only guessing, but I should call score? My plan is to own and operate a repossesssion company. I understand a business plan is very important but I'm not sure what it suppose to be like. I live in one of the northshore communities and would like to provide service for Ma and southern NH. I have several years towing and if need be have two companies that will sub out work to me. My largest problem is where to start and possibly start up money for vehicle financing and insurance. If anyone can help guide me or point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you
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          Residuals Newbie
          I have just the thing to help you get your business off the floor. I have a business opportunity that could help you sky rocket your towing business to the sky. What do you think about residual income? Give me a call and I can help you. Tara 972 693-8567
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Start up business, Welcome

            Yes SCORE would be a great place to start. You can visit SCORE in person or online.

            I am a SCORE Counselor. As you know SCORE is FREE. How do I get in touch with you??

            How much start up money are you looking for??


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              Mybizfiler Adventurer

              Hi Mike,

              You can make your dreams come true. Before starting a business you need to develop a business plan and do a market research, which is more tedious and requires time. We can help you develop business plan and detail market research about the business, but it costs money as we need to deploy manpower to do the research and prepare business plan.

              Once you have decided to incorporate your business, the next question that comes to your mind is where to incorporate. The first and simple choice would be to incorporate in your home state. We at ICS, Inc, help you to incorporate your business and provide complete incorporation services. ICS would also help you for Small Business Loan Application which makes your work easier and you can spend your time in Business Development rather than worrying and spending time in research.

              At ICS (, we, at a very competitive price (1/4th of charges a typical CPA charges) take care of your complete Incorporation Services

              You can reach Mr. Nirmal Jain (Senior Manager) at 469-713-2541 and can mail him at, as he is very well experienced and has considerable knowledge in incorporation services.

              For more information and details please visit ICS web site

              You can also visit our informational blog site:

              You can visit the following links for Business Plans:


              Best Regards,

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                Bridge Navigator

                Call Miller Industries. They are based on TN and are the largest manufacturer or towing equipment in the U.S. They make vehicle specifically designed for repo. versus general towing (yes, there is different equipment).

                They also created their own finance arm many years ago to address the financing needs of towing operators.

                Best of luck!