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    I have around $100000 to invest in good business opportunity

    ioshpam Wayfarer
      Hello i have close to $100000 to invest in good business opportunity around Philadelphia area.. Good suggestions are welcomed
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          arillera Newbie
          I am a real estate investor and business owner and am looking for a serious partner, I think you deserve to call this number and listen to the short voice message: 888-825-8508. Thanks.
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            greengirl Newbie
            Axiom Core Solutions, LLC

            Structure Efficiency Audits & Commissioning


            • Realtors (Buyer and Seller Needs)


            • Home Owners


            • Building Owners


            Project Management - Design to Implementation for Energy Efficiency Systems


            • Specialization in Large Multi-Site Corporations


            • Residential


            • Small Commercial


            Corporate Energy Program Development and Training


            Educational Conferences:


            Residential Utility Customers, Neighborhood Associations, School Science Fairs, Small Business Groups, and More...

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              mjmj00 Newbie

              To discuss please email me at and I will send you my number.

              I am located in Montgomery County and have a great opportunity. Existing business looking to expand for greater returns.

              Also, I saw an existing post regarding trash removal. I do know a builder who also set up trash removal as a side job (New Jersey). He makes a decent amount of money.

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                bizconsultant Scout
                I dont have any opportunities in the PA area per sei, but I do have access to options that can help you make investments without risking the loss of principal regardless of what you finally decide to invest in. Have several small business loan opportunities that are all covered under arrangements that provide principal protection. If interested in talking further, email me at
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                  AJDLaundry Wayfarer

                  We at A JD Laundry want to do something where we can give back or pitch in to the community and thought of the laundry service needs. We are planning to open a coin operated laundry providing a clean, safe environment with all the commodities needed for our neighbors to complete their task of doing laundry at a reasonable price. The other part of A JD Laundry is to provide community service of laundry needs to our neighbors who are in need of assistance. We hope to target seniors who need that extra help. We are contacting senior facilities, group homes, assisted living facilities, and individuals who may need that extra assistance. We plan to pick up their laundry, wash, dry, fold and return to those who need that extra assistance, free of charge.


                  We are in need of coin op washers and driers. We need electrical to run for the washers and driers; venting for the driers; tiling or linoleum for the facility; video surveillance and computer; vending machine for soap etc dispenser; coin change dispenser; building material to build four tables for folding laundry sturdy enough to be permanently secured; and/or of course monetary contribution.


                  Should your facility be able to assist our facility with our plan, we would offer to advertise any item you wish in our facility which includes all bragging rights of course.


                  Can your facility help us fulfill this plan? If you can, we would love to hear from you. Please call us or write us with your plan of assistance and thank you for assisting our facility fulfill this plan. Our neighborhood is well worth assisting.
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                      Rocketman1 Newbie
                      Greetings to AJD Laundry from the Central Florida area. I was in your area on business travel less than a week ago. The weather in California the first part of last week was perfect. It rained on the latter part of last week.

                      We appear to share the same type of business. Where in Highland is your laundry? What equipment do you have? How many items? Good luck with your business. I purchase my 1st not long ago and am already looking to expand.

                      Drop me a line sometime. Thanks.
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                      dr_chughtai Wayfarer

                      I am working on two projects 1) to open a toddler school thru well established pre-School's compny and 2) Medical Diagnostic and Cancer Treatment center in and around Philadelphia area. You are welcome to be part of this joint venture. Plz contact me if interested THANKS
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                        hmutaii Newbie

                        My names are Hudson Mutai, and am from Kenya , East Africa. I am looking for an investor in the tourism industry. Tourism is a service industry which has no limit unlike other types of investment. East Africa has all it takes interms of tourism satisfaction. Am looking for any one willing to invest in the industry and I will be willing to give any information required interms of setting up the venture (Tourism).
                        The capital investment for the industry will be minimal. Please if you are willing to invest in any business I would advice tourism. Get intouch so that we can share alot concerning the type of tourism investment available in Africa, Eastern Africa. Kenya has enough room for investors in the tourism industry from hotels, ticketing car hire and many more. you can get intouch with me on


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                          zeebabe Newbie
                          i have a good business opportunity for you to invest in. My name is Zee and i operate 2 businesses (one I have operated for 12 years and the other for only a year). Please call me at 252-757-3607 or 252-227-8680 (cell). I would love to go into more detail with you pertaining to the newest venture that I have taken on. I promise that it will pique your interest.

                          thanks and God Bless
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                            meganm Newbie
                            Hi ioshpam,

                            What is your focus with the 100K. What I mean is, are you looking to launch a business? Are you looking to invest in someone elses business? What kind of return are you looking for? I have an international business that is looking for an angel investor. I am based in San Diego. Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convience.
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                              DimepieceMag Newbie
                              Hey im searching for an investment of 30k - 100k for my publication called Dimepiece Magazine. We are a typically a mens magazine that deals with music, models, fashion, and entertainment. We have nationwide distribution, a promo tour paid for and the magazine is designed and ready for print. We are also now the official magazine of the 2008 World Radio Music Awards in NY at Radio City Music Hall. Our brand is already popular from our red carpet launch party in the Hamptons and our celebrity parties and models searches we have thrown all over the country all of 2007. Im offering a 40% return in 12 - 18 months. Please contact me asap. Im very pressed for time.This is a great oppurtunity.

                              Jay Walker

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                                AJDLaundry Wayfarer
                                i wish we were planning on being in the phillie area. good luck
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                                  CogniSense Newbie
                                  I am looking for someone to invest in my company. I have recently started a greeting card company unlike any you have seen in the industry. Please contact me at and I will be happy to share with you our niche.
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                                      jamesreal1 Wayfarer
                                      I am also interested in an investor. I own a company called Innovative
                                      Technologies and my business partner owns a company called The Schlott
                                      Company and we have just joined forces but need capital in our industry
                                      to continue to grow and expand. We are an Internet Marketing, Computer
                                      Consulting industry with an expanding portfolio and client basis but
                                      without the capitol to get larger contracts, better technology, and
                                      more workers we basically have plateaued.

                                      Example: Bigger contracts require you to have 8 to 10 thousand feet of
                                      cat5e and cat6 with all the other products and generally when you get
                                      awarded you will recieve 30% deposit and the rest upon completion but
                                      30% is not nearly enough to meet all the material and labor

                                      Example #2: When you get a contract to completly redue the entire
                                      marketing and business profitability of a company we need to produce
                                      samples, presentations and get approvals but to get those samples and
                                      eventually to execute the project you need your own video production
                                      space rather renting the spot for 250 bucks an hour. Now if we can save
                                      that 250 bucks an hour we can potentially reduce the overall cost to
                                      the client and secure the proposal and be effective in producing the
                                      desired results.

                                      I am looking for 1 or a few Venture Capitalist, Angel Investors to
                                      invest 10M to 50M so within the next 24 to 36 months be aqwuired for
                                      about 85M to 130M we are also looking to aquire a few other firms and
                                      combining them all together as 1 corporation.

                                      If you are interested please contact me.
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                                      AJDLaundry Wayfarer
                                      hi josh, how about investing in starbucks. the phili area is a large metropolis right? I dont know. I only know from what I have seen on tv. about phili. but starbucks coffee is HUGE out here in California. Have you checked into a franchise out there.?
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                                        tacbus08 Newbie
                                        Hello! I have a very successful international business. I wanted to expand it. I am looking for SERIOUS investors who are willing to take the RISK to invest abroad. The demand on this type of business is always high. As I said "ALWAYS HIGH"! I can guarantee you that within a year I will give your money back with 20% interest. Please email me at
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                                          ilhomelv Newbie
                                          Hi, Im young business man, looking for investors in real estate in "UZBEKISTAN".
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                                            PeoplePawn Wayfarer
                                   are in an enviable position. Not sure how much business experience you have. The great thing about Seattle is that there is great deal-flow when it comes to looking at "angel" type investing.

                                            I am bringing my third successfull start-up to launch position. I'm in the pre-revenue Series A funding mode currently. I believe I have created a unique business model that is a hybrid within a highly fragmented industry. I have taken the time to research and build a uniquely positioned brand. I have previous success in the space and attracted/build a "been there" "done that" Board Of Advisors". My financial model is profitable within a year as well as scalable....with a proven exit strategy.

                                            I've soft-circled almost $200K thus far. I have 'skin-in-the-game" myself from both a funding and non-salary position. I'm looking for strategic investors that will close this Series that we can prove the concept, generate traction and then grow this concept locally, regionally and nationally.

                                            My financial modeling, based upon previous experience in this same space with a less attractive financial model shows a strong IRR (Internal rate Return) as well as an projected 9X return with a 5-year period.

                                            If you would like additional information, I'm happy to meet with you, give you access to the secured "Investor Area" of the web site, allowing you access to reference materials for considerations. Thanks for your consideration.


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                                              michael2 Wayfarer
                                              start a professional development and training consultancy.
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                                                baccuc Wayfarer
                                                Do you have any plan to invest in Vietnam ? Please let me know.
                                                My email and web
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                                                  HealthLifeAGT Wayfarer



                                                  I have a investment opportunity that is unique.Please visit my profile to read a little more on the direction of my business plans. I am in the health insurance industry ,which is the largest industry in the U.S. second only to banking. I have a proven track record for success. I am now opening my own business only using the fundamentals i have learned in the last 4 years. I am recognized for personal achievements with large orginization's such as Humana, United health care,and a number of large fortune 500 companies.This is a limited opportunity being that i do not need anything more than start up capital.If the investor chosen decides to contribute additional funds based on surpassed expectations ,further discussion on the matter will be considered.Serious inquiries only .
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                                                    joyenterprise Wayfarer
                                                    If you have time along with the money and a desire to help others check out this site: It won't cost your $100k, but the potential to gain much, much more is great.
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                                                      Nikki1011 Newbie

                                                      During these difficult times where we see businesses fail and franchises are costly I have found a business that works and is very simple and lucrative. If you would like information on what it is and how to get started you can contact me through my web site at or call me on my toll-free number. Leave me a message and I'll get back to you within 24 hours. 888-418-1467.
                                                      If I don't hear from you I wish you the Best of Luck in Your New Investment.

                                                      Have a Blessed Day,

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                                                        WFLC777 Wayfarer

                                                        Be careful, I've seen more scam artists and wannabe's than real business people and investors on here.


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                                                            Swil09 Newbie
                                                            Be careful with investing in any new start-up business. What you want to look for are companies with a proven track record of positive profit, a solid business plan, in a strong industry that is poised for continued growth in the future, and a strong and reputable management team. Actually I would say DO NOT invest in a start-up, the probability of a loss is too large (especially in THIS current economic environment). Basically, what is it in the business plan that guarantees ANY small business will survive on its own during this current environment??? You must be aware of the risk...Small business start-ups would get better luck in procuring an SBA loan...

                                                            I am a Managing Director for a Private Equity Firm that has a lot of solid deals that require capital. We have projects that range from Movies (Class A Producers, Directors and Actors only (a couple Oscar winning Actors), to Utility and Infrastructure Corporations, Alternative/Renewable Energy companies, and Domestic and International Resort and Casino Projects, available. Most investments of entry start at
                                                            $100k with consistent monthly returns (8-40% a year) and an equity stake in the project or company. Feel free to call or e-mail me to discuss your investment objectives.
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                                                              stillhope Newbie
                                                              I agree with Derek, I think you need to do some investigating in regards to what it is your looking to do and then start from there. So many scams are taking place right now you really have to be careful where you invest your money.

                                                              Good luck to you in your endeavors but again PLEASE PLEASE research the BBB and Consumer Reports in regards to a business you think sounds great!


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                                                              arianlokki Newbie
                                                              I'm not in the PA area but I have a great investment opportunity this is going to be a new
                                                              business. Its going to be a year round haunted house and 18 hole black
                                                              light mini golf course in Springfield, MO. I have been a manager for a
                                                              haunted house for 5 years and ran all aspects of the business. I will
                                                              offer 10% net for each investor, for up to 5 investors,
                                                              4 investors 12.0%, 3 investors 17%, 2 investors 25%, and 49% for one
                                                              investor. I need $600K for start up. The estimated gross income is 725K
                                                              with a net of 335K for the first 7 years and 435K after that. There is
                                                              only one haunted house in Springfield, Mo and very little mini golf
                                                              courses. I have all the plans for both attractions and story lines. I
                                                              also have a building in mind with over 60K cars drive by it each day. I
                                                              also planed to repay 100K per year for loans from investors. My short
                                                              term goal is to be open by Sep. 18th 2009 and to be in the top 10
                                                              haunted houses in the US by year 2 by the HHA Haunted House
                                                              Association. I have more detailed information available for serious
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                                                                KnuckleHED Wayfarer
                                                                Are you looking for anything specific?
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                                                                  Anne87 Wayfarer
                                                                  Have you already started your business yet?
                                                                  May I know what your interest? What kind of industry you want to work in?

                                                                  $100000 is such a huge amount of money to invest in and it is good.
                                                                  But will you be interested ...
                                                                  -if you need only $ 1000 - $2000 to start a successful business?
                                                                  -if you can start working on part-time basis and earn a full-time income?
                                                                  -if all you need are a strong belief in yourself and a consistent effort?

                                                                  I hope you find the best option to invest your money and ,most importantly, your time and effort.