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    Internet Grants

    Kirkscott Newbie

      Has anyone been able to get any of the Government Grant money that is being advertise on the net my box has been full with persons wanting to give me Government grant money has sany one out there been sucessful in being able to assest any of this money?
      Please advise.
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          navajoblueyes Newbie
          You may try and Google Matt Koshko, as he advertises Grants from the
          US Goverment...


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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            Grants involve a lot of time -- up front (in the application process), during the process of doing whatever the grant was provided for (to demonstrate that the work complies with the terms and conditions of the grant), and after the fact (to show that everything was completed and approved by the granting authority -- otherwise the money might have to be repaid).

            99.999 percent of the listings in those Internet resources you mention would be a waste of time. The most realistic sources for grants for a small business owner are local and are affiliated with programs that exist to benefit a specific group or objective (for example, minority business owners in the community or the revitalization of an economically depressed neighborhood). You can get all the info you need, locally, for free, about those programs -- plus, the local beneficiaries (past and future) can help accelerate the learning and application process if you're eligible for something.

            In spite of what the ads say, grant money is not "free money" -- someone is providing it in exchange for your efforts to produce an outcome that they want to see happen. Yes, if you can produce that outcome, you don't have to repay the money -- but it's certainly not a "gift" and should not be approached as such.

            Best wishes.
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              navajoblueyes Newbie


              Came across this early today concerning grants....www;

              They may be of great help in the interest of getting grants.. and it is FREE.