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    Teeth Whitening?

    KingSol Newbie
      I was recently at the mall with my wife and we noticed a company offering rapid teeth whitening service. After further research I find that there is good money in this form of cosmetic service. Does anyone have any advice on whether we should invest the $5500.00 to start our own?


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          MetroGal Adventurer
          Unless you are in the dental industry or cosmetic market - I don't think it would be that lucrative for you to start your own business. There are so many teeth whiteners available in the drug store; and then they are offering products in make-up stores like Sephora; not to mention from dentists directly. As a consumer, I would purchase directly from these sources. Also, they are available widely on the web. I think it would be hard to establish yourself with so many players in the market already.
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            bsimms Newbie
            $5500.00 is a good chunk of money to invest, although many franchises are much more. If you are serious and have a passion to provide a service to the people, be sure to do your homework. A search for teeth whitening franchise at pulls up over 1,000,000 listings.

            Check with those who have taken out franchise themselves. Does the company provide franchisee testimonials that can be validated? Location is everyhing with a business like this. Will you get quuality training from the company. These are just a few things to consider. Here are some additional tips >>