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    How Do I Find Buyers ?

    brendafj62 Newbie

      I'm looking for buyers or I would prefer them to contact me be our great company is based in LA we represent factories in ( Central America ) Guatemala , Morocco etc. we do Full Package Garment.
      We have the best quotes and information about the factories I need to know the best way I can advertise.
      Would it be best for me to have a Web site or Blog? What I have noticed there are companies that charge
      39,000 a year to get information from them not only can I not afford that. It is not a guarantee because
      others are quoting. What I am looking for have the buyers find me I do not want the middle man.
      I am not trying to charge anyone for the information.

      When the garment is made our company ofters "complete package " I need advise. Thank You.

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          snipperred Scout
          hi there interesting. Check out 5th Sun. They are located up here in Chico but go down to Las Vegas for the annual trade show. I think that is where you find a lot of corporate buyers. I'm not sure, but you might want to try the major retail buyers. Contacting them shouldn't be very hard. However, if you get on board with a company such as 5th Sun, then they already have and manage the relationships. They have a graphic heavy website that shows off their t's and also a Myspace page featuring some of their designers.
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            intechspecial Ranger

            Never ever try and find buyers.

            Find out what your buyers needs are, and then find a way for them to find you.

            Once they find you, make sure you appeal to there needs.

            You can knock at every door in a 200 square mile radius, and produce only irritated consumers.

            WHO are your BUYERS? WHAT do they NEED?

            WHAT do YOU have to offer that is BETTER then your COMPETITORS?


            Might I ask a bigger question? What is it that you must do to make your customers happy?

            When you have the perfect answer to this go out and start making people HAPPY!

            Sounds stupid maybe even strange but it works. If it does not work come back to this message and start at the first line again.
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                Iwrite Pioneer
                I think Intech has hit the nail on the head. Answer his questions and you'll be on your way to having buyers seek you out.

                Buyers, consumers, customers... whatever any of us call them, we have got to realize that it isn't about finding them but giving them a reason to come to us. Great answer Intech!!
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                osasfriend Newbie
                Hi Brenda,


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                  nyanyacouture Newbie

                  I am a fashion designer in need of a manufacturer. What are the procedures on getting my line produced.
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                    LUCKIEST Guide
                    How Do I Find Buyers, Welcome

                    When the garment is made our company ofters "complete package " I need advise.

                    How do I get in touch with you??

                    Go to Members page and share info. Thanks
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                      jinkymaru1 Newbie
                      Intechspecial is right. Know your buyers, know your competitors. And most important for me, Excellent products and excellent service goes together. Word from a satisfied buyer goes a long way.
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                        brendafj62 Newbie

                        The owners of the company are Jeff and Sarah. Jeff has over 30 yrs. experience in all facets of
                        garment industry. I am a representative for the company,.We produce orders for all who need our
                        factory capacity and professional quality. We handle all samples, pre-production, production and logistics.
                        From the beginning {Full Package Garment Production) we manufacture all cotton knit products:
                        t-shirts,children's clothing, juniors,women, etc. Handling 100% cotton,95/5 cottonspandex50/50 cotton/poly, ribs,stubs etc.

                        To begin process we would need E mail: Spec. sheet with fabric yields.Including any trim and packing details. - sketch or rending othe garment. price point and time lines

                        We will forward pricing back with in 48 hours. after approved price we can submit a quality sample based on your spec within 1 week from reguest.We will provide you with information about the company and the factories in (Central America)
                        Thank you,