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    Need Buz Exposure? Successful Producer Seeks Program Sponsor

    Filmmaker1111 Wayfarer
      Dear Prospective Film Financiers,

      I am a:

      Producer/Director/Videographer/Editor of:

      Film, Television, Music, and Multimedia Projects.

      During the winter of 2008, I shot a documentary-docudrama in Mount Shasta, which is 85% finished.

      I have a few more scenes to shoot up there in the next two weeks, and then...
      it'll take me only a month (or two) to edit the final program.

      It's about the legend of the Land of Mu, the possibility of ancient Lemurians making it to the North American mainland (northwest) around 14,000 B.C., at around the time of the Atlantis cataclysm.

      My film tells the story of a giant race of people (7-10 ft. tall), who according to legend, lived and still
      do live, in an underground city named Telos, deep within the hollows of Mt. Shasta.

      While it is the story of the ancient Lemurians, the demise of their ocean continent, and their travel to
      the North American mainland to survive the planetary upheaval that occurred around 14,000 BC...

      it is also, and more, a description of a journey that humanity must now take, to locate the ancient and crucial wisdom of the Lemurians, which we urgently need to rejuvenate our planet, and to survive as a species.

      The story is narrated by this filmmaker's six year old daughter, who's terrific as the expedition guide.
      She presents the information from the vantagepoint of an "indigo" child.

      We're heading up to Mt. Shasta, to shoot the last scenes, in a few days.

      I have contacts in the entertainment industry, both in New York and LA, as well as in Europe and the
      Far East. It's looking good for the successful distribution of this program.

      It is my intention to air it on: The Science Channel, PBS, Discovery, major airlines, etc...
      and to distribute it for the home video market (in store, and internet sales planned).

      I'm almost done with the shooting of this captivating, well researched, and important program.

      I own 100% of the media rights, as ALL production funds contributed thus far ($89,000) are mine.


      that's $17,000 in production costs, and...

      since I have my own state-of-the-art, digital video editing suite, I only need $5000 to complete post-production (special effects/titles/graphics).

      For the person or business who immediately steps up to the plate to participate financially, I will create a digital video internet presentation, or television advertisement, for your business, which I am willing to add onto the film as a trailer and/or credit, likely to be seen by millions of viewers worldwide in '09!

      In gratitude for your $11,000 investment, I will shoot, and edit an internet presentation or TV commercial
      that would have cost you $100,000+ to produce (investor covers my travel costs, if you are not located
      in the San Francisco Bay Area).

      I would so appreciate your IMMEDIATE investment and sponsorship of this SPECTACULAR project!
      The footage is BEAUTIFUL/MAJESTIC!

      With Appreciation for Your Urgent Consideration,

      Please contact this producer at: (she is my high integrity attorney, and will draft a basic contract for us to sign)
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Successful Producer Seeks Program Sponsor

          Who are you?? Where are you?? Go to Members page and share more info.

          How could you "During the winter of 2008, shot a documentary-docudrama in Mount Shasta"?????

          Have you developed a Business and Marketing plan that i can read??

          How long do you need the funds for?? and how and when will you repay me??

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              Filmmaker1111 Wayfarer

              Thanks so much for your inquiry.

              re: Who are You, Where are You?

              I'm a 49 year (young) female, producer/director/videographer/editor, specializing in producing media for
              film/television/radio/music/multimedia projects. Due to the fact that I am currently going thru a divorce,
              and have a young child to protect, that is all the personal information that is necessary to reveal at this

              I provided the name of my high integrity attorney...
              who is standing by to draft a contract for my program sponsor.

              In respectful reply to "how could you during the winter of 2008, shoot a documentary-docudrama in Mt.
              Shasta"? This is an easy question to answer. I/we shot all the scenes that are narrative/explanatory
              at magnificent sites that were below the snow level, and a few scenes as high as mountain lake elev.

              We even shot scenes on the mountain, as high as we could go, actually in the snow; the work is A+.

              We also shot some beautiful footage with explanatory narration from our hotel room, with unobstructed
              view of Mt. Shasta, in all it's winter glory. Other scenes were shot at/near Lake Siskiyou, and Castle
              Lake. For a single mom (producer/director/videographer/editor) with a young child, I/we did fantastic at
              coming up with the gorgeous footage we need to tell the story in a captivating way.

              I need a sponsor URGENTLY now, because we only have a few weeks left to shoot the scenes on the
              mountain that we couldn't shoot in winter, at elevation 2750 and above. I have a guide to lead the way.

              This project is the result of inspiration and motivation, and is 85% complete already. I have not yet
              developed a business and marketing plan, because I am utilizing my contacts in the industry to get
              the program bought/picked up, and will likely not even need a business and/or marketing plan.

              If any potential sponsor would like me to create such a written plan, I am happy to do so, but for now,
              my reputation in the industry and contacts are sufficient to secure a pre-sale of the show, and airtime.


              In answer to the question, how long do I need the funds for? I do believe that I answered this question
              within the text of my post. As I clearly explained, I am not looking for an investor per se, or a lender.

              I seek a film sponsor, a business who desires to market their company, but who has not had sufficient
              funds to produce the advertising media that they need (either a digital video presentation or a television
              commercial, or both).

              In exchange for the $22,000 sponsorship, I'm willing, and looking forward to, producing (shoot and edit)
              digital video media which would have otherwise cost $50,000 - $100,000 to a way of helping
              such a company to produce the (otherwise very expensive) advertising that they need.

              Then, upon completion of my sponsor's ad (sponsor pays travel costs if shoot is out of SF Bay Area),
              it is the intention of this producer, to add this advertisement/promo onto my film, as a trailer and credit.

              I am offering to produce $50,000 + in advertising media which will have worldwide exposure, for a mere $22,000 in sponsorship money. Again, to be clear, I am not looking for a loan or investment. I seek a
              SPONSOR, who wants to expose their product or service to a large viewing public worldwide...

              a company who otherwise would not be able to afford such a commercial or internet presentation, who
              is excited about the opportunity to have the exposure on my film/video, or...

              a company who simply recognizes that I am offering broadcast quality, production and post-production
              for a nominal fee. I get the funding I need to complete this spectacular project, and the sponsor gets
              a huge/significant discount on advertising production costs... it's that simple... and straightforward.

              So the question, "how long do you need the funds for, and how and when you will repay me, are in this
              case, non-applicable.

              Basically, I seek a sponsor who needs $50,000 + in advertising media, who is grateful/appreciative of
              this opportunity to pay ONLY $22,000 in production costs, and happy to have the exposure on my film.


              I provide a very high quality (broadcast) production and post-production service.
              I ALWAYS go to the ends of the universe (so to speak) to make my client happy with their production.

              As a producer/director/videographer/editor of film, television, radio, music, and multimedia projects for
              many years, I can be relied upon for: experience, dedication, timeliness, integrity, and creative power.

              I will invite my sponsor to my digital video editing studio in Marin County, California to meet me if they
              would like to do so (at which time, it would be my pleasure to provide you a personal screening of film).

              Respectfully Submitted for My Prospective Sponsor's Consideration,
              Producer/Director/Videographer/Editor of this Program
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                Filmmaker1111 Wayfarer
                With all due respect...

                I do not understand why "No, my question has not been answered yet" is checked.
                I provided a very detailed answer to each of the questions asked of me.

                Please could you reread my original response to your questions?
                I believe that I DID forthrightly and thoroughly answer the inquiry.

                Thanks, With Appreciation for Your Time and Consideration,