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    Sucsessful Ebook writer wanting to go it alone?! Advice

    Ghostwriter Newbie
      Hi, this is my first post here so excuse me if I am a little nervous!

      I live in the UK and have been writing Ebook for different companies all over the world, for about a year now. The market seems to have been quite saturated and jobs seem to be more scarce and the competition emmense ie: scriptlance, elance. I have recently purchased 3 websites in the hope to expand my portfolio and eventually write the Ebooks for myself and advertise them on my own website allowing me to earn 100% of the profit.

      But here's the catch..... I have no avaliable income at the moment as I sunk everything I had into the websites, getting them designed and hosting etc. I have tried adding google adsence, clickbank, amazon affiliates, bidviser etc to try and recouperate some of the cost but it's no where near enough. I could do with some marketing help and advice please on how to drive traffic to my sites, as there is no point them being good if no one knows they are there!!

      Also I could do with finding a few more Ebook jobs for someone else to make some money that I can then invest in paid advertising!! But like I said I only know of Scriptlance and Elance for my type of work. People seem to be employing idiots to do the work with unrealistic bids EG 100 page Ebook, I would bid aprox $500, this would include a sales page if they required it, I have some exceptional examples of my work:,,, www.theyogatreeonline just to name a few, I have plenty more that I can show. But they seem to be accepting the bids that promise the boo in reccord time (5 days) and for $50!!! The quality must be terrible!!! I can't compete with that price or time frame, my Ebooks are thouroghly reserched, gramatically correct, spelling mistake free and 100% origional passing through copy space with a brease. Is there anyone who can point me in the direction of companies that will value my ethics and pay fairly for my time, effort and skills?

      Any advice would be 100% be appreciated also if anyone is a cpanell expert I could do with some seperate advice, please contact me.

      Thankyou for reading and in advance for any help or advice

      Kind Regards