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    New way of doing business...

    MsLili Wayfarer
      If you've read my replies so far, I am full of secrets. Unfortunately, because I did not yet receive permission, I can't say much about the company right now. All I could say, is that there is a new people will be doing business....think how far we've come: valuables (gold, gems, silver, trading, etc.) - coins - paper money - checks - credit cards - e-commerce.....and the new system fully available in January 2009.

      The reason why I'm posting, is because I feel this is an answer to many questions out there. If you though e-commerce revolutionized the way business is done, well what I have is much bigger. Your posts are making me even more excited about it. I know you're curious, so here's what I'll do.

      First, visit my website and sign up. That's the most secure way I could show you. You'll have access to my e-mail address, and then you'll also have access to a video that explains it all.