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    WEBSITE, Who the best

    swtbreeze Wayfarer
      Hi, basaket_guy,

      I love your website, did you do it yourself? I being looking for a good web site and hosting for months and have not found one yet.
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          swtbreeze Wayfarer

          Hi, basket_guy,

          Sorry for spelling your name wrong a mistake.
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            webmasters Adventurer
            It's very hard to say who's the best some web host providers practice over selling. We don't.

  's SPX plan offers:

            $7.50 for the first month
            Storage 170 Gigs
            Data Transfer 2000 Gigs
            Email Addresses 3300
            Unlimited Matching Sub Domains
            Mysql Databases x 3
            FTP Accounts x 3
            Website Builder- Yes
            SEO Tools- Yes
            Blog x 2
            Marketing Tools
            24/7 live phone support
            And More.....
            30 days Risk Free

            Warm Regards,
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              your_web_guy Adventurer
              Im not basket_guy, but i am a "guy" nick LOL

              sorry... not sure who did his, but if you will excuse a moment of shameless advertising, we do webdesign and hosting and seo and anything else you need to have your small business on line. will give you all the info you need :)
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                Basket_Guy Adventurer
                Sorry did not see this post until now, I did not do the site myself (not that talented LOL). It was designed by I found them through
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                  WebHostingGuy Newbie
                  Please check out We offer website development and hosting. I can help you personally.

                  Thank you,

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                    LUCKIEST Guide
                    Last Monday August 11, The Wall Street Journal had a article

                    "How to Create A Successful Web Site For Nothing"

                    It might help you, LUCKIEST
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                      iprashant Newbie
                      Hello Swtbreeze

                      we provide best web related service we are mumbai(India) based company. check out our business profile at httpp://
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                        PRINTERS Wayfarer
                        check this profile

                        I feel he is best in illustration to flash movies
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                          intechspecial Ranger


                          I know this guy, he seems to think he is the next biggest thing since the invention of a bag of chips.

                          I hate to tell him this, but he is more like stale doritos sitting on a dorm room floor.

                          Get a good laugh if you would like, go to his site:


                          Down right bizarre, to put it lightly.
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                            PRINTERS Wayfarer

                            Its good news you knew Georgy. I have been outsourcing our works to him.His works are cool, i like them. Another news i have to tell you is he is visiting USA in december.
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                                NuevolutionWD Wayfarer
                                I don't mind to barg in like this, but you shouldn't take everything you hear on the wall street journal very serious. Although, there might be solutions out there that can help you built a web site, you have to ask yourself a few questions.
                                1. How credible is my business going to be if you have a stamp at the bottom that says: web site created by "MY-WYSIWYG"?
                                2. How Good is the Site Builder's coding?
                                3. Is my web site going to be web browser compatible? or is it only going to be Internet Explorer friendly? what about Safari (MAC) Opera, Mozilla, and Google Chrome users?
                                4. Is my web site's code going to be SEF(Search Engine Friendly)?
                                5. Is the code Validating? does it meet Standards?
                                There are many issues that need to be addressed when building a web site, a web site shouldn't be taken like a grain of salt. It's part of your business and depending on how well you convey your message is up to you. The problem with building a web site with a Web Site Builder is that, you are limited to the editing and layout. Secondly, you won't have something unique. Everyone that has purchased to use their service will end up having the same design as you.

                                Last week google's CEO said in a conference "The internet is a Cesspool of untalented, web sites! ". So what does this means to a small company. What it means is: Stop being cheap! spend the 1200.00 bucks to get a good web site, and if built correctly, your content and keywords (in that order) will start popping up everywhere (How relevant is your site)

                                As far as Out Sourcing your projects to India? I wouldn't advise it... For one there is a language barrier, and secondly, you need to be in control of your project. It is wiser to hire a designer in your area, or someone that is in the same time zone as you. For example, if you want to get ahold of your designer in India? they are I believe 14 hours ahead of us, meaning that when it's 9:00 am in the USA it's 2:00 am In India.

                                For anyone that is interested in getting a free quote, I would be more than happy to give you a free quote and consultation. Don't treat your web site, like an item on your TO-DO-LIST just because you think it's the right thing to do. Do not fall for the I will built your web site for "Free" Pitch, sometimes "FREE" Can end up costing you thousands.
                                Email me or call me, I would be more than happy to help you.

                                Some of the Open Source Software that we work with are:
                                • Joomla
                                • Drupal
                                • Word Press
                                • Magento Commerce
                                • OS Commerce
                                • Zen Cart
                                • Xoops
                                and many other.... We also integrate and customize, phpBB forums into any web site.
                                Call me (626) 698-1833
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                                  PRINTERS Wayfarer
                                  The Language is not a barrier when we outsource a project to some other country.
                                  If that is a barrier microsoft, google and other big giants wont hire indians or other asians in software field.
                                  Best Hospitals wont hire indian doctors and Nurses.
                                  Cvs wont hire Indian Pharmacyst.
                                  You can get copywriters and content developers in anywhere in the world if you are ready to pay.
                                  Think and act, If you have brains. No designer will help you if you dont have money. even if he is your neighbour. if you have money they are ready to help.
                                  My sugestion is make your cost less in every manner. Take profit, Help your neighbour when you have money.
                                  Creating a web is just not a simple thing. The creative designer with a strong knwoledge in web applications will help you. (Here i dont like to talk about templates or people who use templates) Same templates can be used by 1000's people in your same county. what makes you different from a croud. Put a heel and get noticed in the croud. Present yourself better.
                                  May God Bless You All
                                  FORTUNE PROPHET
                                  Affordable strategic marketting solutions
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                                  NuevolutionWD Wayfarer
                                  I would be more than happy to help you with your web site needs. What type of web site are you looking into having built?
                                  What type of Business do you own?
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                                    INTELLI Wayfarer

                                    If you need any help with the website or a customized software's. Let us know. We have a great software that can help you run the business efficiently. Here is the company profile:


                                    We specialize in web design and development, enhanced web services, automation, customized software's, back end database development (SQL 2005, Oracle) using the latest technology either by using Microsoft, Java Or PHP, our technical people are optimized and trained with it and available locally or outsourced based on your requirements. For additional details please visit us at


                                    We are currently working with a few clients to do their websites, integration with our proprietary software and other services. We are also linked with our sister company in India that supports some of our clients to achieve their objectives including providing a full time web developers, database administrators and network management.


                                    Our prime goal is customer satisfaction and we go to extreme lengths to get this accomplished. Also, we use our proprietary software "Notebook" to give the clients a real time view of the projects in progress and their deadlines. Together with the technological know-how combined with the proprietary software and some brilliant minds at work gives us an edge over our competitors in terms of fixed budget projects.


                                    For further information, please contact Jessica at
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                                      intechspecial Ranger
                                      Sorry to toot my own horn, but do you want to know who is the best?

                                      I am.

                                      Do you want to know why?

                                      Becuase it don't cost you a dime.