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    You forgot home based travel agent

    moneyman Newbie
      This is an incredible opportunity. Check it out, I made $1300 seriously my first 5 days.

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          You forgot home based travel agent, Welcome

          *WOW *$1300 my first 5 day. When did you start??

          Will check it out, Thanks
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            DavTri Newbie
            I'm not sure if Luckiest was being sarcastic or not, but I also checked out your other topic post Want to start a home based business. Not to be preachy and maybe I'm wrong but these seem more of a sales pitch than opinions and ideas. I signed on here to help others and maybe get some good information in return not to use this forum solely as an advertisement board. Maybe I am the naive, idealist that thinks this way, I know we are all trying to market ourselves and make contacts, but I aim to do it through building relationships based on honesty and integrity, not saying you're not, just seems like you are trying to add on to your residual income with a sales pitch. Take this for whats its worth, if my comments are off base then I apologize.

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                moneyman Newbie
                Well you are right and wrong. Sure I am looking to network and possibly grow my business, who isnt. But I am really excited about the opportunity that I have, and have been making work. I in no way am a sales person. I actually am a CAD operator and MLM is new to me. I just really wanted to share that excitement about how quick I am making this work. And as for my post in the Web Presence board, I really feel that they are right. Thats why I posted. The whole reason they made that article was to create leads. You cant tell me otherwise becuase its true. Everyone on this board is hear to hear oppinions and views. I just wanted to share mine. Sorry if you feel I am doing something I should not be, I am just trying to expose people to new opportunities.

                I am doing quite succesful without posting in this board and just stumbled across it and saw some people were looking for ideas on home businesses and I found a great one that works for me and thousands of others. Sorry for being excited and spreading my success story. And the post in Want to start a home based business, well same deal just giving opportunites and choices for people to see. It's not for everyone but for those who get the idea it is amazing.

                Beau Woods