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    Would Like To License To Entrepreneurs Who Want Control

    ipmentor Wayfarer
      We are looking for entrepreneurs who want to take more control over aspects of their work, life and income that most companies - even work-from-home offers - cannot provide. We are also looking for entrepreneurs who can help us expand to more entrepreneurs.

      No, this is not MLM and probably not anything like what you see on the Net today.

      Please allow me to illustrate.

      A typical work-from-home entrepreneurial offer consists of these elements:

      1. You sell their stuff
      2. They pay you a commission
      3. They probably do most if not all fulfillment
      4. They view you as an outsourced sales force
      5. You sink or swim based on your ability to sell their stuff

      There a few business models out there that do not require you to sell things but they define your role, such as customer service, order taking, etc.

      Under a license from my company, the following is the case:

      1. You do not sell 'our stuff'
      2. We do not pay you a commission - since you are not selling our stuff
      3. We do not view you as our sales force
      4. You do not sink or swim based on your ability to sell
      5. We do not define your role - we show you how to choose the role best suited for you and how to get the other roles you need filled
      6. We do not predetermine or fix in any way your pay

      Here are some things we find fun for us and think you might enjoy too:

      A. You get to work with people you choose
      B. You get to work in places you choose
      C. You get to live whereever you choose
      D. You get to work with products you choose - not from a list we send you but from pretty much the entire planet of possibilities
      E. You do not have to invent the wheel - we pretty much did that already and the license allows you to use it, customize it and improve it
      F. You get to set your own income goals. We have no quota and no minimum requirements. This doesn't attract people who are trying to see how little money they can make
      G. You can work from home or an established office

      This is great for people who:
      A. Are looking for a career change
      B. Are already consultants, advisors, coaches or mentors and who wish to expand their offerings or their geographical reach
      C. Are project managers, coordinators, quarter-backs, organizers, communicators, leaders
      D. Enjoy working with others but probably don't enjoy traffic, excessive use of rental cars or trying to remember which flight number they are on today
      E. Enjoy travel more on their own terms - and can mix business with pleasure
      F. Are naturally committed to excellence

      If you are this person or if you know this person I would be very grateful for an introduction. I have a ton on my plate and really don't have the time to over-complicate this process.

      I can be reached through the member profile or through