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    Please critique my site.

    kevinferere Wayfarer
      My business site is I'm constantly tweeking it and making every effort to enhance its presentability and effectiveness.

      So please, I'm open to all comments, questions, and suggestions.
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          John_6x6 Adventurer
          What type of comments are you looking for? I'm assuming potential customer interaction? Search engine ideas?

          Here's my take. I like what you're doing for a business and I wish you all the best. I like people who help people. However your business wasn't clear right away just by opening your home page. You only have about 10 seconds to make a first impression so spell out what you sell immediately. You will greatly benefit by reorganizing your content a little and promoting what your selling a little bit better. Here's what I suggest:
          1. Make your text left-aligned, not centered. Looks bad centered.
          2. Ease up on the caps and bold - it looks too cluttered and confusing at first glance.
          3. I highly recommend making your "introduction" content your home page content instead.
          4. Move the current home page content to an "About Us" page.
          5. Give a short description of your products right away so we know you have them without looking for a "Products" link.
          As for search optimization and web design, looks like you used a Godaddy package to build your site? This can hurt you later on should you really want to grow your business to the next level. I suggest reading this story and the comments below it if you haven't already: http://smallbusinessonlinecommunity.banko

          Best of luck to you,
          John, 6x6 Design
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            wenken_nyc Newbie

            You've done a great job of creating a nicely organized site. Two things I notice right away are your very clear navigation (it's really important to make sure visitors can easily see how to get around your site) and your prominent contact info. Well done.

            I think your homepage, however, could be more powerful. Try this - take some time to clearly identify what you want your site to do for your business (is it just general awareness or do you want visitors to call you for more information, etc). Then tailor the content on your home page to succinctly achieve that goal. For example, if you want visitors to call for more information you should have a brief description (1-2 sentences) about the value your business provides and a line in bold that says "Call Us To Learn More" - or something like that.

            Hope that helps!
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                kevinferere Wayfarer
                I did that on the "Products" page. But the last page, "Shopping", is a bit more direct. Is that enough?
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                    wenken_nyc Newbie
                    Your products page is strong but if I'm a potential visitor you have to grab me on the home page. I would take the question you have as the first sentance on your product page and move it to the home page as a headline. I would also move some of the first paragraph from the products page to your homepage and insert links to your other pages in the text (this makes it easy for visitors explore the site further). I would keep the products page for a deeper dive into your servies and include links on the products page to your Shopping page (so if a visitor is reading about a service and likes it - you can be on their way to purchase with a quick click). I would do as your other critique suggests and move your company info - for the most part - to an About Us page.

                    That's just my two cents :)

                    Oh, and once you have the site just as you want it, don't forget your promotion plan. How are you going to drive traffic to your site? You need to be sure you're promoting your site in everything you do (in the email signature of your emails, in every offline promotion like catalogs or direct marketing and on your business card, etc).