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    Bad credit, no money, great idea, needs $150k startup cash

    EastCoastBiz Newbie
      Are there any ideas for someone, who has no money, bad credit, but a great idea for a new business? I have a great idea for a gourmet retail store. Ideally, I'd like someone to make a personal loan for a 10 year term. There is no way a bank will lend me the money. I'm being brutally honest so there are no surprises. I think this business would have a terrific ROI.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Great idea, needs startup cash, Welcome

          An idea for someone with NO money might be to have a Partner in a new business.

          I live in N Y (East Coast). Tell me more.
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              EastCoastBiz Newbie
              The gourmet retail store will have many revenue streams. The store itself will sell wine and sandwiches. It will also sell some specialty foods, which I don't count on for high revenue, but will help with the image. The wine and sandwiches will generate high revenue. Many offices are coming to the area and the workers will need a place to grab lunch.

              The development is a brand new retail/business park with several hotels. All this is within walking distance. It's a high profile area. One MAJOR revenue stream will be to deliver to the hotels. There are several thousand hotel rooms, offices, and future condos. Travelers frequently look for inexpensive places to eat and a place to pick up a bottle of wine instead of paying restaurant prices all the time. I think they would also appreciate the delivery service. Everything is very close together so the high price of gas will not be a factor. Also, there will also be a wine club to encourage repeat sales. The fact that the development is new and is always in the news will offer free advertising.

              The place is perfect for the gourmet business. I want to do it before someone else does.

              If you are seriously interested, I have a business plan. I've been updating it for five years. I've done a lot of research. I'd like to share the information with you if you'd like to move forward.