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      At Human Arrow we know that every customer counts. We also know that in order for any business to be successful, it must stand out from the crowd. That is why we created a cost effective marketing solution that drives traffic to your location real time.

      Human Arrows offers an alternative form of advertising that draws attention to your business. We provide a unique proactive process through which a client can promote their business by directing customers to where that product or service can be found. Human Arrow proactively delivers its clients' promotional messages in a manner that results in immediate customer action.

      We strategically position our associates in areas where we can target a large population of people. You can find us in areas such as high traffic intersections, downtown, conventions and stadiums. We target thousands by using large arrow shaped signs to display your advertisement or sales event.

      Human Arrow serves as an extension to your marketing efforts by working closely with your marketing team or advertising agency. Our goal is to increase customer traffic and build brand awareness by targeting the customers that are closest to your business.

      Serving greater Chicago and Milwaukee.