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    Give me (RED)! I want (RED), da dada dah, dah dada (RED)!

    snipperred Scout
      Hi there,

      I am totally stoked about (RED) and The Global Fund to help women and children in Africa. (The song I'm alluding to in the title is Red by Sammy Hagar.) I say, let's all get pumped up about this...yeah!!!

      I kind of picked up on this movement but never looked into it and understood. By coincidence, I was doing some R&D for my brand/ logo (I use parenthesis too) and came upon this. I'm going to join in and champion this cause. Buy products from companies featuring (PRODUCT)RED and they will donate $10 to a world fund addressing health crises in Africa. These are competitive name brands such as IPOD.

      I think what is so great is the innovative approach being applied. They are not "guilting" people, suggesting you contribute money (though you can), or requiring you to get immersed in the problems they are addressing- so I won't even mention them specifically.

      All you have to do as a consumer who would be purchasing name brand products of equal appeal to you is choose the (RED) one and you've helped save someone's life. if you want to hear it from the horse's mouth.

      Now, if any of you have purchased a (RED) item, please mention it on this post. Also, if your business is supporting (RED) I would like to showcase you and your products/ services here on this post. If you are seeking financing for a venture, and including (RED) in your business plan, I would like you to present your idea and what products/ services you are going to be selling/ contributing from. Remember, charitable contributions are usually tax breaks. Perhaps the same principle will improve your chances of getting funding. If you do get funding as a result, make sure it is O.K. with your lender, but I would like to see them acknowledged here too. Finally, if your business supports (RED) and you notice an increase in your business as a result, I would like you to mention it here as well. I'd like to see this thread keep coming up on occasion and outshine other posts in terms of replies.

      So who's going shopping this weekend?! Give me (RED)!!!
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Give me (RED)! I want (RED), Welcome

          Yes this has been a Red week.

          Started with my new 4 door 5 speed Red Saab.
          Went to the Farmers Market and bought Red Beets,
          Red Tomatoes and Yes Red Carrots and lets not forget the Red Wine.

          Does that help, LUCKIEST
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            snipperred Scout
            O.K. I posted this on a Sunday and don't think anyone saw it by the time all the threads were updated on Monday morning. I thought I'd keep it alive and post in during the week too.

            I was working on my brand. My business is currently in R&D but I will tell you I intend to use "( )" parenthesis as part of my trademark theme. I figured I should look into how others are using it. I've caught glimpses of it's use in other spots. Perhaps I can say mine might be along the lines of "assist" as in how we mark whoever scores a goal and who set them up with a cross and so on....Anthony (Beckham) for example.

            I came upon (RED) and thought this is right on. I can also use my brand to help support a great cause. There's no reason why I can't do it. Plus, as a leader, I tend to tell people if you can do it, then you should. The point that really coonects (RED) to my business is it's an "innovative business approach" to charity- my business will be extremely innovative. All they are really asking you to do is make a choice between competitive name brand products. One of those products will do liitle more than give you what you want, the other will do that and help save a person's life because it is specially sponsored within the (RED) campaign. You don't pay more for it. The company offering it profits less and donates money to a global fund to help vaccinate mostly women and children in Africa suffering from diseases that are treatable. C'MON GET ON BOARD!

            If you start buying (RED) products- particularly because you heard about it on this forum, then post a reply and tell us what you got. In the broader sense, we're looking at how associating with this sort of thing can provide positive and free PR/ Advertising for a business. I'm proposing you can go all the way in associating with (RED) or even open a (RED) store. I could be wrong but I'm encouraging people to look into it. Seems like some of these companies are coming up with limitted edition Brand lines focussed on the (RED). I wonder if you came up with your own from the very beginning of your business, would that be an improvement to your business plan, marketing strategy, and possibly influence some investors to take a closer look at helping you get your business off the ground? I think it will so I intend to do this- among many other innovative ideas I'm researching and developing.

            So Give me (RED)!!!
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                Lighthouse24 Ranger

                Personally, I dislike the concept of using a deadly disease or social condition as an opportunity to market something -- so as a business owner, I'm not embracing (PRODUCT) RED.

                As a consumer, I'm neither avoiding nor aggressively seeking (PRODUCT) RED items. Doing some good is certainly better than doing no good. To its credit, the sponsoring organization is very open about where the money goes, and I applaud that. I don't necessarily support every aspect of that funding, however, so donating directly to one of the agencies that provides support or relief makes more sense to me personally than going out of my way to buy a (PRODUCT) RED item. (I'm actively involved with a couple of those agencies, however, whereas the average consumer probably isn't.)

                Again, that's just my personal view (which seems to be what you're asking for -- something to trigger discussion). I'm certainly not criticizing the program.
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                    snipperred Scout
                    Thanks for the feedback DomainDiva and Lighthouse24.

                    Yeah, I do like to trigger discussion on the subject. I've seen the (RED) maybe a dozen times but never looked into it and had no idea what it was about. They didn't force the issue which I like. Obviously, I can agree in not taking advantage of the health and social issues to market your business and profit. The companies doing this are already profitable and I think represent a lot of product movement to us anyway. I might walk by a (RED) shirt next to a blue shirt and just buy it because it is cool and not know what it is about- and never know any better that I was contributiong to a solution. Knowing what (RED) is about makes the shirt even cooler in my opinion and knowing the result of my decision will now influence me to keep an eye out for these things.

                    The diseases and issues themselves are a delicate subject- I'm not really interested in associating myself with them. However, I think that's part of what makes (RED) so innovative. You buy the brand and wear or use it- that becomes one of a dozen exposures other people start to notice in a sort of silent movement. So I might wear the shirt on one of my videos or throw a link to (RED) on my website. I'll be doing some forums of my own about modern business innovation etc, and may use this as an example to discuss. So I agree with you, Lighthouse24. Your point is completely relevant and deserves further exploration. I certainly wouldn't want to misrepresent something that is being done right by doing it wrong.
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                  DomainDiva Ranger
                  I have lots of RED. I am always on the lookout for the new items. I love all of the clothing items...sooooo comfortable and of course RED.