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    What could be the 7th Age of Computing?

    jeasthouse Newbie
      A friend of mine sent me this site and asked me the following questions?

      "What could be the 7th Age of Computing?"

      Tell you the true I have no Idea. Since the site is to be launched on 08.08.2008, the day Olympics start, it can have something to do with Olympics and computing? Maybe Robotic referees being introduced in the sports?

      Give me your thoughts on what can it be?
        • Re: What could be the 7th Age of Computing?
          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          Mythically, Biblically, and perhaps factually (if the whole Mayan calendar and world cataclysm thing in December 2012 comes to pass), the Seventh Age of Man is the one in which we become so spiritual as to be telepathic. So I'd think the "Seventh Age of Computing" would have allowed this post to just show up when I thought about it -- without me having to type!