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    I'm looking for the right buyer to sell my on-line business

    submitsite Newbie

      I'm looking for the right buyer to sell my on-line business that I have built and have been developing for over two years. I have fully automated it and made in excess of $80,000 in 2007. If you live it just like it is and spend only a few hours every week you will be making money from the day one. However, if you keep developing it (like I was) you will make way more that I did.

      The business is a network of 48 cross-linked and optimized-to-their-teeth web sites that promote online casinos. You get paid lifetime commissions of whatever the amount a player plays with. All of the web sites receive daily visitors and people do play. Statistics (screenshots) of my affiliate accounts is available and you are more than welcome to check it for yourself. The stats are true and accurate.

      Here's a list of what exactly you will get:

      · 48 domain names - you get about 38 working web sites where visitors come and can open an account with a casino. You also get about 5 domain names that are hooked up to a PPC program whereby you get paid $1-3 when someone clicks on a sponsored link

      · 2500+ paid players - that's a GOLDMINE. You see, the majority of sellers will simply try to sell you web sites. I'm selling you paid players you will be receiving lifetime commissions from. Even if, one day, you decide to sell just the web sites - your players will keep playing and you will be receiving commissions. 70% of the players are US gamblers.

      · 3 (three) shared hosting accounts with well known hosting companies. They're located at different IP class C networks. 2 (two) accounts are pre-paid for the next 10 (ten) months and one will cost you $24.95 per month. You will have full access to control panels and once you change passwords - you're in full control.

      · Affiliate accounts for 15-20 affiliate programs with well-known online casinos. I will personally change my name and my banking information so you will be receiving wire transfers and checks. Once you change passwords on accounts - it's all yours.

      · 2 (two) Pay-Per-Click accounts. Once again - the name and payment info will be changed to your name

      · 2 (two) months of virtually unlimited support via Skype, phone or e-mail. I'll leave no stone unturned for you and make sure you understand what's happening and how to develop this business

      This network is a "steal deal" for someone who is already in businesses of SEO and makes money online. I managed to get the automatic content's update and the older domains are the more search engines trust them - if you invest your time and energy into developing it - you will make more than I made.

      Why am I selling it?! Good question. You see, I got involved in a couple of other online ventures and I do consulting. That, now, eats up pretty much all of my time.

      The fruits of my labour (network of sites) and accounts with paid players aren't a "cheap date". The price is $28,000 (Twenty eight thousand dollars). But you're buying a real business. On the stats you will see how people play. They might play with four hundred dollars one day, fifty bucks the next day and then, drink a bit more than they should and leave five thousand in the house. 2500+ players could make your investment back before Christmas. Or, it may take more than a year. However, the fact is - players do play and I did make what I said I did.


      If you're a serious buyer - please e-mail me or call me: at 604-720-7808 (Canada, Vancouver) and let's talk... I will send you all statistics.