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    Please visit my website and give your opinion

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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          The design is simple and appealing, and the navigation is straightforward and functional. I'm not sure the "global" image/theme in your page banners is appropriate for a business that operates in three California counties -- it seems like something that communicates "medical billing" or "LA region" or "precision/accuracy" might be more helpful in visually getting your message across.

          My main suggestion is that you hire a professional copywriter with advertising and website development experience to take a look at this. You have the necessary content, but are really missing the mark with the copy, in my opinion. Some examples of what I mean:

          "Thats why we constantly seek to provide our physicians with quality services which are innovative, responsive to, and in preparation for the ever changing health care industry." There's a misspelling, a grammar error, and a lot of "fluff" words. Consider this: In what specific way is the quality of your service superior to that of your competitors? What makes you innovative by comparison? That's the info that would grab me, and the stuff a good copywriter should be able to draw out of you and bring to life.

          "We charge a consistant rate of 6% . . . price can be negotiated." Another misspelling, and the statement is incongruent -- is it consistent or is it +negotiable+?

          "Due to the volume of requests please allow 24 hours to receive a response." You could hire another person to handle incoming calls and e-mails for minimum wage if the call volume was that heavy -- so the reader is going to assume that this phrase really means you have a day job, and that this is a start-up or "side" business that may not be around next month. Whether that's true or not, the impression doesn't help you. "Guaranteed response within 24 hours" says the same thing, but shorter (and sweeter).

          I'm one of the biggest advocates around for business owners to DIY all they can, so I mean no criticism here. It's hard to write good copy. So if this site is going to be a keystone in building your business, I would advise some professional assistance with that aspect.

          Hope that helps. Best wishes.
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            A_Ellicott Adventurer
            You might want to make sure your site is compatible with all web browsers, not just Internet Explorer. I use Firefox, and the navigation bar across the top didn't work for me in Firefox but did in Internet Explorer.