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    advice for a business grad. starting a business

    mango18 Wayfarer
      I just graduated as a business major and I'm looking for advice on starting a restaurant in the city. My restaurant would be partnered with a clothing design business. What advice do you have??
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          Generation4 Adventurer
          Welcome! Running a restaurant is a lot of work. I never owned one, but was a waiter in a very popular restaurant in my city and the owner was always working night and day. I'd suggest reaching out to some restaurant managers or owners if you haven't already to start understanding what is fully involved. Also, I read your post and thought I read it wrong - clothing design and a restaurant??? Sounds like an interesting concept, will you share with us more?
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              mango18 Wayfarer
              Of course I'll share more. In the city where I am from people tend to either shop then eat or eat then shop. I am partnered with the clothing design which is owned by a friend. So we talked and we wanted to help each other out. Since his clothes is the lastest trend and everyone in the city is wearing the latest trend we decided we would be partners. While they shop in his store they will hopefully smell the restaurant and want to come and eat there.
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              PRINTERS Wayfarer
              Quiet Interesting. I really love to have one because i loved foods, When I studied about this business.
              This is the most strainfull business in the world. But it pays if You serve what Your neighbour needs.
              Even if You have 2 products clicked You will be doing fine.The cook is the most important person for a resturant. The customers smells easily when you change the cook. If You take a franchise of dunkin donnots, macdonalds, checkers, is better than the other
              Whatever You do, Study well, if you can work 1 yr in that field gives the idea and remove the risk of failure.
              May God Bless You, Wish You all the best
              Mat, Fortune prophet
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                Archangel Adventurer
                There are two things here I think you should consider. First, the best advice you've gotten so far is from Printers where he said, "work 1 year in that field." Before you start any business you should build up some experience working in that kind of business. This has many advantages. You'll gain valuable experience you won't get anywhere else. By the end of that year you'll know for sure if this is the business you want to start, running a restaurant is hard work and it never gets easy. I know it might be problematic for you, but every successful business you've ever heard of the person who started it worked in that field for a period of time first. The second thing is your colocation with a clothing store. It might be fine for you, but if the food smells get into the clothing your partner could have a problem. That would not be good for either of your businesses. Make sure both of you understand how you're going to deal with that sort of thing.
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                  snipperred Scout
                  Hi there,

                  I think the concept has a lot of potential. Splitting liabilities and diversifying revenue streams can really work out for you as a start up. Of course, it can have the opposite effect. I agree having experience will greatly reduce your risk and provide you with the best chances of success.

                  Co-locating alone is kind of boring on the surface. Have you considered creative combinations between your restaurant and the trendy clothing store? All kinds of ideas come to mind.

                  How flexible is your business to adapt?
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                    PRINTERS Wayfarer
                    It is not good to have resturant combined with a cloth store. As Archangel told, there's a chance to get smell of food. If it is a snack center or a cofee shop, this problem wont be there. If there is a separation between cloth store and resturant may help the cloth business This will takeaway the chance to get cloth spoiled.
                    Business graduation doesnt make you a good business man. But You have passion.
                    So work on it... You will be a good business man in future Years.
                    Dont do anything without system study. It will reduce reisk always.
                    God Bless