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    Funding for Biodiesel project

    BIOOLIO Newbie
      We looking for funding to build a Biodiesel plant,we have the plan,the contacts,the buyers,everything except for the funding.
      This is an amaizing oportunity for pioners and entrepreneurs.
      we looking for help in this matter any advise will be appreciated.

      Thank you very much
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          Marzipan Wayfarer
          Have you written a business plan yet, so that you can approach potential investors?
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            score81 Adventurer

            Here are the suggestions:

            1. Prepare 3-5 year full Buiness plan. ( get the help of local score chapter)
            2. Have excellent financial plan with solid data on ROI
            3. Have excellent market plan to show how it willwork.
            4. Extract 3 pages ( elevator pitch) summary out of your business plan.
            5. Get the list of all VC's.
            6. Search VC list and find out VC's investing in OIL and nature friendly product. send them copy of short plan.
            7. Try OIL industry they do fund such activities
            8. Try SBA.
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              Marks Funding Newbie
              Have you looked into outside non-bank funding? Asset based loans? YES you have assets if you have customers, orders and the like? Please provide an email address so that I can share with you additional information
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                Master Newbie

                1. Prepare your business plan.

                2. Define your funding target level and decide how you want to achieve it.

                3. Decide how much you will finance with your own equity, bank loan, and think if you want to raise equity investment for part of your equity (someone mentioned Venture Capitalists, but you can also think of Angel Investors (private individuals))

                4. Turn these ideas into Private Placement Memorandum.

                5. Distribute your PPM among this community (or if you are concerned about privacy, selectively target members)

                6. Think who else you can reach out to - family members? friends? other angel investors? some Fortune 500 companies who have Coprorate Responsibility Strategies and targets and would be interested in supporting your business... Whole Foods? Oil Companies? Think creatively!
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                    abaosman Newbie
                    We are an advanced
                    Biodiesel technology company located in Atlanta, Georgia. We have been
                    in business for 4 years and have a proprietary patent pending
                    technology on a revolutionary heterogeneous catalysis for
                    Biodiesel production as well as cellulosic ethanol production from
                    biomass. The process is a hybrid technology that relies principally on
                    "Electro-Chemical" free radical reactions to produce the
                    necessary reactions. For biodiesel, Oil types suitable for our
                    technology can be any
                    oil type, including high Free Fatty Acid oils. The process can
                    efficiently and quickly do both esterification/transeterificati
                    reactions for all type oils.
                    date, the technology has been under license agreement to select
                    producers while further developing the technology that holds the
                    Intellectual Property.
                    Our technology
                    is capable of efficiently processing lower cost oils while maintaining
                    high quality meeting ASTM standard is a market opportunity that few in
                    the world today is used as an advantage.
                    Our Technical Advantages;• Lowest capital cost, about 1/3 less than competitors
                    • Lowest operating cost
                    • Highest quality
                    • Highest yield better than conventional system.
                    are looking potential investor interested starting Biofuel
                    manufacturing using our cost effective technology. The business plan is
                    ready and suitable property has been located in Georgia having railroad facility.

                    You can respond via the email adresses belows for further details.
                    Dr. A Baosman
                    Alan Lawson
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                    M1S96F1 Newbie
                    Do you have solid intake and offtake agreements. Most bio-diesel plants are sitting empty. Feedstock prices have gone sky high. I would be interested in looking at your business plan. Please send it to
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                      garty1955 Newbie
                      we have available funding for such projects.if you would like more information please contact myself
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                        ljprops Newbie
                        Do you have a business plan? If so, please email that to me. I know of a few sources that might help you this funding.

                        If you need a business plan, I can create that for you as well (for a fee).

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                          geneousbiomed Newbie
                          Depending on how much funding you are looking for - I might be able to refer you to investors that have interest in the alternative energy space. Our firm has supported a range of clean tech companies. As such, we have developed relationships with a handful of investors active in this space. I would be happy to provide you introductions.