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    Existing Business Needs Guidance in Expaning &

    swtbreeze Wayfarer
      I have a business in making and offering the most unique baskets in the world. I have been making gift baskets for 6 enjoyable years in my home. Open up my business as a Gift Shop in February 1, 2007. The business been very successful at every holiday comes around. Slow on non holiday and need to pick up the pace in between to get it flowing steady at all time.

      I am interesting in expanding my business out more as a coffee and ice cream shop as well as a shopping atmosphere with lots of loving baskets, bears, goodies and etc. all over the shop were the customers can relax an shop all together enjoying looking around.

      I have been using my own money to keep the business going all this time but need more money to help blow it out the wall and go all the way to it fullest goal. Looking for a small loan or someone that would love to invest in the business and me. I'm looking into apply for a business grant but my credit is not so good right now. The loan or investment will be about 5,000 - 10,000 dollars.

      I will appreciate any help, guidance,advice or plan to make my dreams EXPANSION.

      My email is