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    WANTED: Business Line of Credit

    HIGH_5 Newbie

      This well established and growing commercial construction corporation is currently debt free with all tools, vehicles, materials, office equipment, and other assets having been purchased from revenues generated by the company. Due to good business practices and increasing sales (and therefore increasing A/R financing), the company is seeking a $250,000 line of credit to improve cash flow.


      The company currently holds the following types of public and private contracts:
      * Federal Government
      * State Government
      * Commercial (repeat customer base)
      * Residential (high end)


      What we DON'T have:
      * Established Credit History - Because the company has purchased everything with existing funds and non-reporting trade accounts, it has not established a proper credit history, nor can the shareholders' personal credit histories be used to determine credit worthiness for the corporation.


      What we DO have:
      * Existing and upcoming contracts
      * Existing Accounts Receivable
      * Some assets (but less than $250K)
      * A professional management team
      * An excellent business plan

      If you would like to know more about the company, please post contact info and some information about you and/or your company and your lending requirements. If appropriate, we will send you a link to our business plan.


      Thank you!