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    Investors wanted

    Farmguy29 Newbie
      Hello everybody, my farm is looking for investors. I am starting an organic egg farm and I will be contracted by a larger organic egg farm in New England. The projected income would be 177,000 per year. It would be paid back within two years. The amount that I am looking for is 250,000.
      The reason why I am looking for investors is because I have bad credit. I made a lot of mistakes in the past and did not have the income to back it up. Now my son has cancer, which he is beating hands down. Life has given him a second chance, and now I need the second chance financially to give him a better life. Any help or advice would be great thank you.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Investors wanted, It sounds like you asked this question once before.
          I gave you an answer and Lighthouse gave you a better answer.

          Tell us more. First question is HOW SOON do you plan on starting this egg farm??
          WHAT is your background?? and WHY an egg farm?? Where??
          Have you prepared a Cash Flow?? Do you have a Lawyer to review the contract??
          To get financing you will need a Business Plan.

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              Farmguy29 Newbie
              I plan on starting the egg farm by september. My family raised chickens and farming in general since 1895. they supplied most of New Gloucester, Maine. They built and ran 5 chicken barns. In 1990 my family had to get rid of their chicken barns because nobody would take them over due to the changing times. I was 12 at the time and too young to own and operate. Now I would like to start where my family left off I have been doing carpentry for too long and ready to rekindle my family heritage.
              I will be under the large organic egg farms care and supervision. They supply the feed and medications, and also the birds. I just need to supply the barn, water, electrical, and the labor. They will also be picking the eggs up once a week.
              Why an egg farm? Because everybody needs and uses eggs. There will always be a demand for them, and they are organic.
              I do have a lawyer to review the contract, I am not sure what is meant by prepare a cash flow, and I have part of a business plan prepared. I have a friend who is a bank manager helping me with that.