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    Help How can I verify a business in U.K.?

    soarfree Newbie
      I am desperate to save my home of 19 years and \\ my business on the property. I am in forclosure and \\ only have 3 weeks until my property is auctioned. I do \\ not have a decent credit score. Due to illness in which \\ I can document. I have already lost $6000. just to get \\ a loan. Now from forums I have several lenders in the \\ U.K. but I do not know how to verify them. I have tried \\ international chamber of commerce. BBB in the town \\ No response from either. Could not validate a lender \\ registration number. Please any ideas?
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          VishSastry Wayfarer

          Not exactly in the same situation- but I had a transaction where I got some UK offers. Unfortunately as I tried to dig deeper, they all vanished.

          One good idea may be to get their contact details- physical locations, phone numbers etc. and then verify them through BT directory. You at least know that the business might exist.

          Also check online for any fraudulant references.

          My take: If it is too good to be true, it is most probably not true. Don't let people take advantage of your situation. And you should not be paying anything, unless you actually have the loan

          Best of luck.

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            LUCKIEST Guide
            soarfree, Welcome.

            Tell us more. where are you?? Where is the property??
            How long have you been in your business??

            Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              WarrenD Adventurer
              I checked it out, and all businesses in the UK should have a registry number. First think I do when I get an offer from a business in the Uk I ask for a registery #. So far I'm 0-3 on getting any answer back after that. So I hope that helps, and be careful. WarrenD
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                cecita Newbie
                Go to WWW.UKDATA.COM and for free you will know the address, the registry of the company and also when was established, you will be also be able to buy more information from them.

                You will be allright!
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                    soarfree Newbie
                    Thanks to all who replied to my question. I have no family and no money and
                    no where to go. I have a boarding kennel but I do far rescues than anything,
                    I have loved all animals since I could voice my opinion. Have always been far
                    to trusting. My mother once said "Becky you see always see the best in the worst
                    *of people" She tried her best to express that really wasn't a bad thing. But I *
                    have always allowed myself to be taken advantage of. In truth that is why I am
                    where I am today. I allowed someone I loved to put in jail where I had a stroke.
                    At the time I also was keeping a 12 year old girl. Her parents were on drugs. They
                    *were homeless when I met them. They told me that the next day was the girls *
                    birthday. I took them all home without knowing them at all. I got money together
                    and made she had a birthday party. Had to ask the parents to leave. They did no
                    problem. The little did not want to go,so they left her. I was so upset when I was
                    arrested, I had done NOTHING. After all was said and done. This so called person
                    I thought loved me, said they were on medication and did not know what they were
                    *doing. Guess what. I believed them and allowed them back in my life. I could write *
                    a book of it all. But the fact remains. I am loosing everything in a few short weeks if
                    I don't get a loan. I am the one with all the medical expenses, every other debt you
                    can think of. I have been in business since 2 months after my 18th birthday. I am 48
                    49 in Jan 2009. As I stand here alone, thinking of all had went through to get where
                    I was. My heart and my mind are both on a merry go round. Captive at this point in time
                    and can't seem to move. I really want to thank the person that said " you will be alright".
                    I am afraid and so broken hearted. I do not know what to do with my rescues or the dogs
                    that have ended up at home. So at this point I am wondering if there are any real foriegn
                    lenders. I have tried day and night to find a lender here. Investor --= anything that will
                    give me time to get my feet on solid ground as I have no doubt I am capable of. If I loose
                    my place I am not in a good place. I can not do much like I once could. I dropped out
                    *of school at 16 to start working with animals. It is all I know. But I am very serious when *
                    I say I have no money. The town I live in has no where for me to work at what I am doing.
                    My dogs are like my kids. I could not give them away. It would almost be more kind to
                    *put them to sleep. They are extremely spoiled but perfect, How can even work fast food *
                    *being homeless. The homeless shelter can give me a clue where I can go with my dogs *
                    *and no money. That is my story at glance. So I suppose I have no choice now but to be *
                    ok. Thanks Again to all
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                        Iwrite Pioneer

                        I don't know the words that will give you the comfort or peace you need and deserve. Nor do I know of a source that can help you out of your situation - but trust me when I say, "I understand." I have lost more than I care to think about. I would wager that more of us on this forum than you think have or are going through something similar.

                        I know what it is to need money and all anyone seems to have is advice. I'm so sorry about that.

                        I hope you find the aid you need but be careful, there are those who would do you more harm than good. Please be careful.