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    Do you need..Unsecured Lines 50-500K / Leases 5k - 50mil???

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      I am new to the boards so let me explain a little of what I do....


      I can provide you with unsecured business lines of credit 50 - 500K or business equipment leasing and financing 5k to 50mil, requiring no collateral, which means no risk to your personal assets. As Stated Income Products, our lines and loans can expedite your funding needs primarily through good personal and business credit history.


      In just 21 days through a hassle-free application process, your business can have a line of credit up to $500,000 for you to use. . . as you need it.

      In 7-10 days, your business can have an equipment lease up to $50,000,000. I have software and vehicle programs as well. 24-84 month leasing with $1.00 buy out (variable end-term options)...Everything from Tanning Beds to Corporate Jets...I am here for your leasing needs!!

      I have NEW Business start-up capital financing up to $100,000. (Business Plan and 700+ FICO)

      I also have commercial building financing.

      Please email me for help with your capital needs at .

      I look forward to serving the forum and helping the community.





      Adam A. Cheatham


      Financial Consultant



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          ilhomelv Newbie
          Dear Investor,

          I am looking for investors to invest their funds into real estate business of Republic of Uzbekistan.

          Facts: I bought 2 apartments four years in Uzbekistan, I have spent
          10,000 USD, now they each worth 45,000 USD which is 20 times rise in

          Statistics: More people are born each year, demand is very high,
          economy is growing, inflation is far behind, government is very stable
          and keeps very friendly military and politically relations with United

          Uzbekistan (X Soviet Republic, 3 hours flight from Moscow to
          SouthEast) is one of the fastest developing and growing repubic in
          x-Soviet Union.

          As Moscow (former Capital city of Uzbekistan) became the World's
          most expensive city in 10 years time, Uzbekistan is growing as fast as
          our former capital too.

          Uzbekistan Government created and developing new Laws and
          Regulations very different ones in Soviet system, which defends and
          supports Foreign investors and their capital within Uzbekistan

          I can provide more facts and all necessary documents if you
          interested in investing funds into real estate/land/property business
          in Uzbekistan.

          thanks for attention,


          +1 213 265 8354