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        FruitionDZ9 Newbie
        Lots of information out there! I think the best "strategy" is to figure out what you are REALLY good at and go from there. What do you have a passion for? And who would you like to work with? What really EXCITES you? And if you need to make a quick buck, consider becoming a virtual assistant where you can do everything from data entry to writing sales letters. Do your own Google search or Visit and for more information. I've recommended this to many people facing similar situations. If you decide to do this, please let me know and I might have some work for you. :-)

        In the end, the "thing" that will work best for you is the "thing" that combines your passion along with your skill-set to serve others. Take the attitude of service and you'll reap the benefits 10-fold.

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          Shawanna Newbie
          Hi! I understand you want to start a home business. You sound like me. Before I give you any information, I want to see if you are still checking this forum. I just joined, and I am interested in helping you out. I would also like to know why you wish to start a home business. My why is because I didn't get hired fast enough as a school teacher (strangely), I want to bring my husband off the road for truck driving, and I want to secure a stable future for my twins. With my new home business, I am doing well. I will be waiting to hear from you.
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            Honeybear Newbie
            I just recently opened my own travel website through ytb (your travel biz). My husband and I love it! It's a turn-key program that is up and running within minutes. The site has everything travelocity, orbitz,, etc.. has and then some. The advantages are obviously the tax deductions (as long as you properly document you are working your business), customers book their own travel and deal with venders directly on changes, etc., you don't have to be internet or computer savvy to own a site, you receive commissions on your own travel as well as family and friends that book on your site, you can get special discounted package offers as a referring travel agent, you can increase your commissions by booking groups and their is a multi-level marketing aspect which if you choose to participate in can be really lucrative over time. It has a one time start up fee of $499.95, which is an extremely low investment to start your own business. We had $1500 booked on our site the first week. If you are interested in more information, I would be happy to send you a free CD/DVD of the program.

            Best of Luck!
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              MoneyGuy Adventurer
              My organization did around 1/4 of a million in
              business in the one year that I have been working my home based business.
              Last Month's check was over $1,900 on top of my 50% profit I make off
              everything that I personally move through my business. Over 90 people
              have joined my team in that short time. Also I pay very little for advertising
              to have interested contacts drop into my computer. Everything I do is on
              the internet or the phone or mail. Check out my website only if you are
              seriously interested.

              All the Best,
              and Good Luck
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                DNEGLOBALMART Newbie

                i have seen best home business on this earth. if you are intersted to start home business send email your contact number and i will contact you.

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                  ReneeK Newbie
                  go to:
         and click on links, (top right) to discover the opportunities, may i suggest Global Resorts Network. Let's go make 6 figures!
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                    jen1234 Newbie
                    Hi, Renee!

                    I noticed you recommended GRN. I have a few questions for you concerning that particular company and whether or not you are a part of that company through the Reverse Funnel System. If you wouldn't mind emailing me directly at, I'd really appreciate it.


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                      WITrading Wayfarer

                      Starting your own business is one of the best things to do just because of the way the economy is at this point and time. You need to first think of something that you like doing because there are going to be times when you just want to quit but if it is something you like and enjoy doing you wont't This is a good starting point for you so take you time and think of a business name. See if it completes this sentence "___________________ it."

                      Hope this helps you can visit us at
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                        skiles Newbie
                        Lina, go to my website and sign on, you will get info and I will contact you again soon. My business is an awesome opportunity and I think you will LOVE Mary Gersten, the sponser behind me.


                        Phillip A. Skiles

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                          skiles Newbie
                          Yes, I can help you find more income than that! I am an affilate of Global cash flow network. Go to my site and sign up.


                          This is an opportunity that you may realistically expect to earn from $2000 - $40,000+ per month and this is not exageratted! you may also want to look at this site, as it gives you an indepth look at this business.


                          this site will be quite informative, and I want to wish you the very best of luck in your search of choosing a home business!

                          Phillip A. Skiles
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                            nomadone Wayfarer
                            There are alot of work at home oppt's list in the forum. Just look around. This is one of the best ;;;;;






                            If you fill in the form be sure to put FREEATLAST in as your sponsor

                            Then go here to sign up.....*
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                              ibuzzmentor Wayfarer
                              I have been making money from home for a long time now. I have found
                              that using voice blasting software is the CHEAPEST most effective way
                              to have high quality leads calling you whether you are in Network
                              Marketing or an HYIP. No more prospecting, you just drive traffic to
                              your site. The best part about the current software I use called Ibuzz
                              Pro is they have an automatic free Do Not Call list scrubbing feature
                              back there. Plus they have 15 million geneology leads and business to
                              business leads back there.

                              Lets say you want to sell your ideas to a list of realtors or mortgage brokers who are looking for cash flow you can do it. The software
                              is tremendous and it is so much cheaper than voiceshot which is the
                              industry "leader" Plus there is a very lucrative commission plan for
                              those that refer other business. This is by far the BEST TOOL out there
                              to explode sales in either your MLM, home based business, or HYIP. The
                              last broadcast I did cost me 50 bucks and I netted $4,500 in
                              commissions. Success to all.
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                                djcmilton Newbie
                                All I can tell you is what is working for me. Try to make people feel as though you are helping them achieve their goals. Visit Make sure you have a quality automated website that offers products or services that people acually want or need and that's easy for your customers to navigate; bear in mind that the best ones are not free! Diverse methods of advertising including paid and free(you will never get anywhere using only free advertising) and networking which is where the hard work is. Simple but not simplistic.
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                                  Amalaki_AL Newbie
                                  Ever hear of Zrii? It's a new liquid nutritional that is formulated in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and combined with modern science. Zrii is a network marketing company started by the legendary Bill Farley (Fruit of the Loom, BVD, Dingo, Christian Dior, Chicago White Sox and more). By joining as an Independent Executive, you become the "owner" of your own business. Your pay, structured in a very generous Prosperity Plan, is commensurate with your efforts. See if you can find a copy of Success from Home Magazine (June edition). The entire magazine is dedicated to Zrii, it's founders, the Scientific Advisory Board, Formulation Team and many many success stories of the early IE's. Sales began in October 2007 and the official launch of the company was May 22, 2008. Sales will be more than 7 million this month (June 2008). Check out the website and call me......

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                                    lilcrybaby Newbie
                                    Hi there. not too certain if you're still seeking a work at home
                                    opportunity. I am a full-time student and also a full-time
                                    mother...I have been selling AVON for 6 months and average an extra
                                    $250-$300 per week. The products are all wonderful & they all sell
                                    themselves. If you're interested let me know.

                                    It only took me $10.00 to sign up and I made my "enrollement fee" back 3 fold my first order.
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