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    SEM Efforts

    AtlantaKid Wayfarer

      I started using Adwords on Google a few months back and I used Yahoo as well but not quite often.
      I am trying to build an internet consulting company. I am not doing bad on the SEO side. However, I have a hard time deciding the type of businesses that benefit from Google or Yahoo Adwords. Any SEM gurus that can comment on this?

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          SEM Efforts

          Search engine marketing, or SEM, is a form of Internet marketing that seeks to promote websites
          by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs).

          *Do you have a Business and or Marketing Plan*??
          How long have you been in business??

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              AtlantaKid Wayfarer
              Thanks for responding LUCKIEST. I started my business early this year and yes I have a business plan and a marketing plan as well. I also understand how search engine marketing works, not to waste your time. I am marketing my business to small size companies who need help promoting their services and products on line.
              I just wanted to know the opinion of others on what king of businesses would benefit from pay per click advertising.
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              PeoplePawn Wayfarer
              Google AdWords create real time activity with no residual traction. Once you stop your paid campaign, the tap turns off for leads unless you have a natural page 1 ranking via Google search. There may be a better solution for you. An article was posted on this forum several weeks ago, which I found informative and relevant with regards to SEO strategy long term.

              The posting was done by for his own company In addition to being a serial entrepreneur, successful CEO and author (search Amazon under his name) Liam I believe has a unique solution for taking a product or service to page one of Google over a 120 day period in a pure organic play. His solution is based upon daily quality editorial content supported via a CMS (Content Management System) that is simple, robust, flexible and strategically advanced for SEO leverage.

              I've personally used Google Adwords before, but this is not a natural long term strategy to achieve page 1 rankings with Google. I use the solutions to achieve long-tern search results with continuous traction improvement over time with the goal of achieving page 1 rankings within 120 days.

              I've engaged to rebuild my site based upon the CMS foundation. From there, have developed an advanced action plan which includes page titles, daily inbound links, daily outbound links, quality and relevant blog content with professional editorial overviews, etc.

              My suggestion would be to visit and purchase the book that Scanlan wrote for small business owners on SEO.......a great way to learn this stuff for that you have the best understanding as to how to spend your $'s and build your business on the web for page 1 ranking.

              Best of luck.

              Patrick Kane -
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                  AtlantaKid Wayfarer
                  Thank you very much Peoplepawn for you response. With all due respect to every one responded and may be to all in the forum, I think we need to read and comprehend the pain of the person posting an issue before responding. I may be guilty of this myself. My problem is, there are a lot of businesses taking advantage of Googles Adwords, as a rookie I didn't know what businesses to suggest PPC. For example, I have churches as customers, should I tell them to go on Google PPC to bring in more members. Of course, I have a client that sells Cigars who I couldn't set up on Adwords. Well, either way I am learning in here a lot. Since I am trying to run a lil company myself, I have to learn all the good stuff quick.
                  I still would like to hear any body who is successful on Google adwords and doing what.

                  thanks much,