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    New Business Start Up in Seattle (Kirkland/Bellevue/Redmond)

    seeker Wayfarer
      I have $600,000 ready (plus +$800k line of credit approval through my existing company) for a new business start up in Seattle area. I am open to any intelligent ideas or partnerships.

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          New Business Start Up in Seattle, Welcome

          It is nice to have those funds available. What kind of start up you looking for??
          Lots of luck. Keep us up to date.
          This could be interesting.
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            EL_DollarShop Adventurer
            Greetings Burk,
            I might have something you would be greatly interested in.
            Shoot me an email at I can send you my business plan and personal phone number where I can be reached.

            Hope to here from you soon,
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              Hi Burk,

              I'm sure your getting a lot of things pitched at you for the money. If you think about it and decide to consider ways for better use of that money rather than to put into a start-up; let me know. You could take that capital and with proper deal structure and the judicious use of some leverage, and acquire a nice company with established revenues and income without having to go through the hassle of a start-up. I'd be happy to discuss with you if you like. Feel free to contact me.

              Dennis Lowery
              Adducent, Inc.
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                PeoplePawn Wayfarer

       are in an enviable position. Not sure how much business experience you have. The great thing about Seattle is that there is great deal-flow when it comes to looking at "angel" type investing.

                I am bringing my third successfull start-up to launch position. I'm in the pre-revenue Series A funding mode currently. I believe I have created a unique business model that is a hybrid within a highly fragmented industry. I have taken the time to research and build a uniquely positioned brand. I have previous success in the space and attracted/build a "been there" "done that" Board Of Advisors". My financial model is profitable within a year as well as scalable....with a proven exit strategy.

                I've soft-circled almost $200K thus far. I have 'skin-in-the-game" myself from both a funding and non-salary position. I'm looking for strategic investors that will close this Series that we can prove the concept, generate traction and then grow this concept locally, regionally and nationally.

                My financial modeling, based upon previous experience in this same space with a less attractive financial model shows a strong IRR (Internal rate Return) as well as an projected 9X return with a 5-year period.

                If you would like additional information, I'm happy to meet with you, give you access to the secured "Investor Area" of the web site, allowing you access to reference materials for considerations. Thanks for your consideration.


                Patrick (
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                  MaclenMan Newbie
                  Please feel free to give me a call (951) 442-1027. The debt purchasing industry is very lucrative and it has grown tremendously. Along with our collection staff we have in house counsel allowing us to resolve accounts from beginning to end.

                  Thank you,
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                    mademan24 Adventurer
                    Hello Burk,

                    Please give me a call (619) 518-9985 as I have a few worthwhile ventures with HIGH ROI and ongoing possibilities.



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                      DomainDiva Ranger
                      Burk, what kind of business are you interested in's?
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                        btownprinter Newbie
                        Wow, what an exciting time and opportunity for you! One of the best ways to market your business is through printed material, a tangible, visible object that a potential customer can hold in there hands and provide you with legitimacy. We at Bridgetown Printing in Portland, Oregon partner with our clients to develop direct mailing campaigns, brochures, stationery, or any other printed needs you might have. Please do not hesitate to reach me when you get closer to marketing your product; the best time to start communication with your printer is at the "concept" stage! Best of luck -Kyle Richardson
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                          koz4change Adventurer

                          What ever you decide to do, start a good website and use it to expand your business. A website can be your biggest asset if you focus on making it look and feel professional and legitimate. Also, choose a good web hosting service. I recommend Plans starting at $3.99 and great online marketing tools for a new business.

                          Good luck,

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                            IknowrealDeal Newbie
                            I really hope you didnt give a dime to "Mr. AC Cambric. He has left a trail of investers who are out all of their cash. Just ask his x partner at Maclen- which by the way backwards is NELCAM- or nel for Nelson as in his x-partner Ann Nelson who is owed tens of thousands of dollars and Cam for Cambric- his last name. No one in the Collection field from Fountain Valley Thru Riverside County trusts him . He just keeps moving further and further away so he can continue his charade. I guess his next stop is San Diego Then Tijuana ! If you get any financials- make sure they are audited. Word is he likes to cook the books. Ask his girlfriend- she is his bookkeeper and has lent him$$ to continue operating. Do your homework- get original bank statements and contact #s to his clients... just to make sure he is paying them the $$ that was collected. And when he starts talking about God- he is referring to the Almighty Dollar. Anyway Good luck to you and all those people who may yet fall before his sweet talk.......
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                              ggoodard Adventurer

                              Please contact me. My contact information is located in my profile.

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                                visioncorp1 Wayfarer

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                                Please contact us through our website at




                                Rodney & Latanya
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                                  Vicestocks Newbie
                                  Hi there:

                                  We have an interesting concept in regards to a new vodka concept. My partner and I currently run our own marketing company, and we have designed a new vodka concept that we think is extremely marketable and lucrative based on very conservative financials.

                                  I would love to send you a business plan with design turnarounds, but you have to sign a non disclosure agreeement. My email is if you have any interest in launching a new vodka line. Vice stocks are up, and our concept has never been produced before in any market domestic or international.
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                                    odgrell Adventurer
                                    Hello Burk,

                                    I am a college student and I believe I have the new and fresh idea that you are looking for. E-mail me at and I can send you the plan.