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    Patent Attorneys???

    commtrx Newbie
      I am looking for a good software patent attorney. Do you know of any in the Seattle area? And if yes, what is so good about them? Thanks!
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          I don't know any in the Seattle area. Google 'software patent attorneys in Seattle Wa' and see what comes up. Look fro someone Board certified that specializes.

          I can tell you what is good about my web-app patent attorney.BTW he is not inexpensive or cheap....

          He is an engineering/math grad from MIT prior to going to law school. He stayed with me through my first application that we had to defend three times prior to patent issuance.

          The point is: When you file a trademark or patent app you are dealing with the government and government employees. Also the patent office is starting to be a lot pickier in issuing software patents. A good software patent attorny can tell you if you have somethig of value.

          Think you have something special? Once again...research it. We discovered that in our new wed based biz app there are three patents held by other people that we have to deal with prior to bringing one of our product modules to market.

          Check out also: this is best online rescource available so that registered members can keep abreast of new filings, comment on them and be a part of community. You can also submit an app online and get advice.
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              commtrx Newbie

              Thank you for the good advice!


              When you say your patent attorney is not inexpensive or cheap, how much should I expect to spend and what is a typical retainer amount? How do you feel about working with an independent patent attorney vs. a large firm? Your comments are much appreciated.
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              DomainDiva Ranger

              Look for a starting hourly rate of about 250.00 it can range all the way up to 500.00 an hour as well. You can also check with the local bar association to see who has passed the bar exam lately and is practicing patent law. Thye may have already gotten their board certification in that specialty as well.

              Be sure to get a good understanding of their undergrad degree...anything uber geeky means to you will have a winner.
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                DomainDiva Ranger
                Oh and my patent attorney is with a large firm but they are VIRTUAL. There is no bricks and mortar office. Everyone offices out of their houses with the kids and dogs....

                This works really well with this group because they work all night sometimes like programmers.

                Even if you find someone who is with a big firm you can get a handle on them pretty quick depending on how interested they are in your project and how truthful they are to you.

                It really is a case by case basis. My trademark attorney is with a bricks and mortar firm and we do great.

                Don't try to pigeonhole the person in the context of his/her surroundings...look for the small details.

                GOOD LUCK!!!

                Retainer for a trademark can be about 2-3000.00, for a patent it will be 25-50% of the total cost of preparing and filing.
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                  biz101 Newbie
                  I spent $3500 doing the initial patent app a little over a year ago. This year another $7000 doing the final app, now spending another $3-5000 starting the 30 month clock on European and Canadian apps, which will be $2-3000 each. I have 2 patent attornys here in Phoenix area, both good. I invited both to join Linkedin and recommend either. It is a long process and I would not even consider doing it on my own.
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                    PeoplePawn Wayfarer
                    This is the guy that you need. he is based in Seattle, worked for Microsoft for many years, then went to law school before opening up his own shop (firm). He is fantastically good. His name is Mason Boswell and his web site is Hope this helps.


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