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    Starting a new business and need some direction...

    danipink Wayfarer

      My name is Danielle, I live in Indio Ca about 30 minutes away from Palm Springs. I am a licensed Aesthetician that wants to work for herself. My husband and I are creating our business plan as we speak and have found a great location. The goal would be to sign a lease at the end of August for a Grand Opening in December or January this would give us enough time for all of the build-out issues and still be in business in time for Tanning season. Our business would be a Tanning Salon and Body Spa which will offer tanning, body scrubs, wraps, etc. also waxing. Helping to educate people on the proper ways of tanning and sun exposer as well as how to take care and nourish and hydrate their skin.

      Now funding, we need it and I want to go in prepared and strong. There are some other financial aspects that make me a little leery as to wether or not we will have a hard time getting a loan and I would love to talk with someone experienced that would be willing to take me under their wing and be a mentor in a way. I'm eager and determined and a hard worker. Please any advice would be much appreciated!

      Danielle Pinkerton
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Starting a new business and need some direction, WELCOME.

          *I *would be happy to talk with you and be your mentor.
          *It is great that you have until Dec to get set up.*<br /<br />Two suggestions, Finish your Business Plan.

          Talk to a SCORE counselor. SCORE is FREE
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              danipink Wayfarer
              Hi there,

              I would love your help! I'm just about finished with the plan but not sure if it's covers everything that we need. Mission Statement, Industry/Market Analysis, Competition, Demographics of Location, Markerting Strategy, Business Overview, Financial Plan. This is all I've covered so far and this is all new to both of us so getting everything presented the best we can is key. I primarly will be me working this full time since my husband works during the week and long hours. In terms of being leery about getting approved here is a little backgound to that.

              Last May we put our home on the market because we decided to purchase our first new home since we were expanding, I was pregnant with twin girls at the time and have a 2.5 year old son. We got an offer then to find out 2 weeks before the close of escrow the party decide to back out. So time went on and the market got worse. The agent we were using at the time priced our home to high which lead to this and other things I won't get into (not the agent we thought he was). Long story short we both have great credit but had to decided to Short Sale our home and default on payments bercause we couldn't afford two mortgages or to rent it out. We've never been late on payments, have no debit except for our Mortgage, cars are paid for, this worries us that we won't get a loan to start our business because of this short sale. We have a great agent now who is working her butt off to sell our other home. I have contacted a local SCORE rep but have not heard back yet.

              So that's in a nutshell whats going on, we really want to make this happen!
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                danipink Wayfarer
                I was waiting for my response to go through but it say's it needs to be approved. Here's my number as well. 760-775-4920