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    Looking for investors???

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      I am a senior underwriter for NYC Underwriters, located in New York City. We have a unique relationship with an Orthodox Jewish investment management company, whose funds are comprised of some very affluent Jewish families. The financial pool goes well into the billions of dollars. The management company represents (to name a few) families like the Tawils of Manhattan (they purchased a property in the city a few weeks ago for $450 million dollars), the Reichmanns of Toronto (owners of Olympia and York), and David Greenspan of Greenspan Holdings. Our rates are competitive in light of the current market mess, and unlike other businesses of this nature, we do NOT operate like the Wizard of Oz, where the investor and/or management company are some mysterious figures behind a curtain. The management companies and investors are ALWAYS fully disclosed.

      I invite you all to view our corporate website, and e-mail me should you have any questions or concerns, or should you need any funding sources inside and/or outside of the conventional markets.


      John Milares
      NYC Underwriters
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          MRFINANCE Adventurer
          I'm not sure of the relevency of their religious convictions (orthodox,concervative,reform,) or Italian, Greek,Spanish,Irish,or African American......But tell us more about the type of loans you offer.


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              I was not implying that their religious origin is significant, it was something I stated simply as matter of fact. The families I have named have been the heart of the financial industry for many, many years. They are also very savvy in terms of the current market, and unlike other warehouses that take your processing fees and run, they will be in contact with you every step of the way, and you will ALWAYS get a straight answer as to whether or not your loan is feasible.

              Through our direct private sources, we offer all types of loan scenarios ranging between 1 million to 1 billion; from private hard money debt scenarios to equity partners for construction development, rehabs, land purchases, Refi's and everything in between.

              In addition, we have an exclusive agreement with a nationwide mortgage banker, where we can also offer programs from Commercial and Residential Conventional Mortgages, to Asset Based Merchant Cash Advances, HELOCS and CELOCS through a nationwide FHA approved direct lender.

              We usually respond within 48 hours to any given scenario as to the feasibility of any particular request. For further info please check our corporate website:



              Hope this answers your questions.