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    Surviving the Recession

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      With all the negative news about the recession, I started to search how to survive it.I bought this e-book about surviving the recession. I learned many things. I thought I'd share with my friends at this forum. If you want to learn more, just click on the link below:
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Surviving the Recession.
          With all the negative news about the recession, you bought the e-book.
          Thanks for sharing.
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            You just need common senses :-)
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              Lighthouse24 Ranger

              I learned many things. I thought I'd share with my friends at this forum. It seems the only thing being shared here is the pitch to try to get us to buy the book, right? Thanks.
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                  web123 Wayfarer
                  @LightHouse - Yes, you have to buy the ebook to learn what they have to say. It's no secret. I wouldn't post it if I didn't evaluate the product first. Yes, I did learn some things I didn't know before---you may too.
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                      I think what lighthouse was pointing out is the fact that you do not mention even in broad terms what type of things you learned from the book. That combined with the fact you provided is a tracking link, not a direct one I think gives people the impression you are simply posting to get business for the book or incentives for the referrals. Please correct me if I am mistaken.
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                          @AppleGraphics - The message was posted on the Business Classified page, that I thought, would show that it is a business. Before posting this message, I knew I would get this type of responses; therefore, it was clearly posted on the appropirate forum and was not posted as a question. I have evaluated this book first before posting, as I do my homework before jumping on any opportunity. What I learned was how to safeguard my money, job, etc. After all, this was an experiment. Best regards.
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                        I taught a class about a month ago on this subject. Here are the THINGS I spoke about:


                        Recession Proof Your Business: Build A Stronger, More Solid Foundation

                        Pricing and packaging your services are part of the business foundation tools that everyone should check at least yearly. In times of eniment recession, take out all these items again and double check them. Business and Marketing Plans
                         Ideal Client Profile, Niche and Target Market Analysis
                         Unique Selling Proposition
                         Elevator Speeches (7 words, 30, 60 seconds and 2 minutes)
                         Monitoring processes (monitor your goals and tasks)
                         Pricing Policy
                         Marketing Funnel
                         Identity: Physical identify and core values
                         An updated resume or bio
                         Database(s)
                         Follow-up process & tools
                         For current clients
                         For future clients
                         For your referral partners
                         For family and friends
                         Procedures written down; automated, consistent systems
                         Hiring/Firing Policy
                         A web site that generates income
                         Awareness of strengths and weaknesses-both your own and your employees!
                         Support: No one really works alone.
                         Get help by hiring employees, contractors, or consultants.
                         Have your support teams in place, including R & D Team, advisory boards, mentors, coaches, etc.
                         Network and attend networking events.

                        Finally, remember the importance of writing down the elements that are so crucial to your success: Your business and marketing plans, pricing strategy, goals. Have you heard about the survey of Yale's 1952 graduating class? It revealed that only 3% of the class had written goals. Twenty years later, another survey of the class indicated that the net worth of the 3% of the class that had had written goals now exceeded the net worth of the other 97% of the class! That 3% also had statistically fewer divorces, and an overall better quality of life.


                        Maria Marsala, founder of Elevating Your Business, and a licensed One Page Business Plan® consultant draws on her Wall Street trading experience and 30-plus years of business success to help business owners nationwide. Her specialty is helping business owners build bigger, better businesses by streamlining the parts of business they choose to ignore-planning, administration, marketing. Maria's written more than 200 business and Internet articles and has appeared on TV & radio shows on both coasts. Her most recent venture is the CD series "Corporate Secrets for Small Business Success", a self-coaching system in a box. Visit us at and
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                            Lighthouse24 Ranger

                            First, I'm a firm believer in written goals. That said . . .

                            It's a 1953 Yale study on written goals that is regularly cited by trainers and speakers. I've read and heard the story dozens of times. It appears in best selling books and has been shared with hundreds of thousands of people though speeches, seminars, and audio programs.

                            Anthony Robbins talks about it in his programs (and when asked for a source, said he heard it from Brian Tracy). Brian Tracy talks about it in his programs (and when asked for a source, said he heard it from Zig Ziglar). Zig Ziglar talked about it in his programs, but couldn't recall where he'd heard it.

                            Fortune and FastCompany magazines did some digging and according to their article, attorney Silas Spengler, secretary of the Class of 1953, said there was never any such study. He contacted the living members of the Class of 1953 including Roberto Goizueta (CEO of Coca Cola) and Forest Mars, Jr. (CEO of Mars, Inc.) -- and those who replied all said that there was never any such study. The closest thing anyone could recall was that some class members were asked (for the yearbook publication) to predict where they'd be working one day. Yale Research Associate Beverly Waters was contacted and conducted an exhaustive search of the institution's archives looking for evidence of the survey or study, and of the follow-up query and report that would have been issued twenty years later. She found nothing and released this statement: "We are quite confident that the 'study' did not take place. It is a myth."

                            When FastCompany took the findings back to Robbins and Tracy, Tracy commented, "Well, if it's not true, it should be."

                            As I said, I am an advocate of writing out one's goals, yet I can't help but wonder . . . Ziglar, Tracy, Robbins, and other gurus have each been talking about this study and teaching this method of goal-setting in books, seminars, and audio programs for well over twenty years. By now, you'd think that somebody would have collected data from his/her own successful students and attendees. You'd think that there'd be more recent and compelling evidence to offer than a study from 55 years ago.

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                              Lighthouse24 Ranger
                              I should have mentioned (and should have mentioned FIRST, my bad) that the checklist offered by elevatingyour is an excellent tool. Thanks for sharing it!