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    New Mexico "Sales Tax Exemption Certificate" finding form?

    EL_DollarShop Adventurer
      Ok I've done a lot of web searching in my off hours for the proper "Sales Tax Exemption Certificate" request form or forms I need to file with the state of New Mexico.
      I've tried the web hard but still only get the facts of what the certificate is, and I know there has to be a goverment web site that I can obtain it with out paying someone to get it for me?

      Anyone familar with New Mexico resale tax law or anyone have the place i can get the darn form/s?

      I am opening a $1.00 retail store and will be purchasing merchandise from several different states. All inventory will be bought for resale only, and tax charged too my customers for each purchase.

      Also I know in the state of Florida the tax laws on resale of Food items, American Flags, and Bibles are tax exempt at retail level. Does anyone one know if this holds true as well in the State of New Mexico?

      Any help or advice, I thank you!