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    I need Traffic.

    HAARK58 Wayfarer
      My site is and I have tried various things to drive traffic but, my traffic count still seems to be low and not moving up at all. I am getting business but feel that if I can get more good clicks; I can grow my business faster and more efficiently. Please also if there are any suggestions on what I could do to make the site more effective or user friendly, please let me know. I will not be offended by honest opinions especially from some of the very intelligent folks I been reading here. I am also wondering if anyone has tried Google AdWords and what type of results they got. Thanks for the assist.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          I need Traffic, Welcome to this web site.
          Will check you out and get back to you.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            I need Traffic. Try the following

            Hi All, my friend who has been in the Web industry for quite a while
            has put together the following site:
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              NatOnline Tracker
              Just a thought, did you try to offer wholesale? Perhaps all the basket stores, wedding stores, etc.., would be interested in your products.

              To Market your site, you may get listed in Yahoo directory, social bookmarks, links building, forums related to your topic, press release etc...I will not say that everything will work, but you must try and find the way that is working for your site.
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                GSOL.US Wayfarer

                It seems that your site is in the "early" stages of developing.

                Your inbound link count is very weak, and this is important in helping you gain traction in search engines.

                Your pages are not targeted properly either.

                For example, let's look at this URL:


                1) The URL shouldn't have upper-case letters in it -- this will make it harder for your visitors to remember where they found something on your site, etc.

                2) Your pages are two levels deep (i.e. /products/poems.html) -- this is un-necessary, and is just diluting your site's effectiveness. These are your sales pages, and realistically, should be on the same level as the home page, unless you have a good reason for putting them two levels deep, but based on the size of your site, my professional opinion is that they shouldn't be two levels deep. (i.e. would be better.

                3) The font on your pages are exaggerated, which makes the site appear amateurish.

                4) The pages overall look amateurish. This isn't to talk down about your site, but you should definitely consider a professional company to re-design your site. If you're following the "1-800" genre, you should look at the other 1-800 sites who are your competitors, i.e.,, etc. What you'll find is that their sites connote professionalism from the moment you visit them.

                5) Your pages lack proper keywords, and have un-necessary meta tags in them, broadcasting to the world that you used Yahoo Sitebuilder to create your website, and what template you used in Sitebuilder to do it with.

                6) Your site only accepts PayPal. Most online shoppers will not do business with a website that accepts PayPal as their only method of payment. It gives them the impression that you're a "mom and pop" type business, and maybe you are, but you should always exude "professional business", and that will make people buy from you.

                7) Your site does not convey IMMEDIATELY (within the first 8-10 seconds), what you offer, and why the visitor should buy from you. Studies show that you have 8-10 seconds to convey this message to your visitor base, or you risk losing them. Further to this, studies also show that when someone needs to go to another website to buy something from you (i.e. PayPal's website for example), your shopping cart abandonment rates increase. You should consider implementing a shopping cart system, so that you only send your buyers to PayPal (if you absolutely HAVE to accept PayPal only as your payment option), AFTER they have completed their order on your website.

                Your concept is great in my opinion -- you just need to re-organize how you are presenting your services (redesign the site, get a real merchant account to accept credit cards directly, etc.)

                If you need help with any of this, my company specializes in professional website design and search engine marketing.

                We've done sites like and -- our portfolio is below.

                We don't do merchant accounts, but we can recommend you to a few places if you need to get one setup.

                If you'd like to contact us, here is our information:

                Company: GSolutions Online LLC (
                You can also try our shopping cart demo here: (fool around with it all you like, you won't break anything!)
                Phone Number: 877-348-5552
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                    HAARK58 Wayfarer

                    WOW! This is a tall order but it is what I was hoping for in the sense that I do not want "yes, yes,yes". I truly am not looking for traffic or affirmation from this forum but, there are a lot of people with some really good backgrounds and many have been down the road that I seek. I will start to implement these changes this morning because I truly feel that you have the knowledge and took an in-depth look at the pros and cons of my site. Thanks a million; I really appreciate the feedback.

                    I used site builder because of the price and ease of use; is it that the SiteBuiler is too basic or am I just using it in too basic of a way and not getting the most out of it?

                    Is there an inexpensive but easy program that you could recommend if SiteBuilder will not fill the bill?

                    Please know that your info has been invaluable.


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                        HAARK58 Wayfarer
                        One other thing; I spent 22 years in the military and have very thick skin so please be as blunt and straightforward as you can be. I am not easily offend at all. Please know that brevity is more important than offensiveness.


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                            GSOL.US Wayfarer

                            Also, for a REALLY good primer on CSS when designing your site, check out this site:


                            They demonstrate how/why CSS is so great to use on most modern websites.

                            One of the most SIGNIFICANT advantages to a CSS based website design is that you can change the entire design of the website without re-coding it!

                            You can see this in effect at -- they really did it will there.

                            It shows how easily just changing the stylesheet can modify the whole site's look, while the text and code stays the same.

                            CSS just plain makes life easier.

                            Again, let me know if you have any questions.

                            • Eric
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                            GSOL.US Wayfarer

                            Hopefully you're journey has been a good one thus far. . .and military also is in my background. So "Semper Fi".

                            I am also a former US Marine.

                            In any case, let me go over some other things with you here. . .

                            I code all my sites manually (yes, I mean by hand), and I do not use any software to get it done, as most of them will just mess up your code anyway, or simply add code to your already perfect code, making it messed up.

                            I use Microsoft Frontpage 2003, as I find that it has a split-screen view, which allows me to hand code website, and preview them at the same time.

                            FrontPage 2003 can be a double-edged sword however, as it has a lot of templates, etc that could encourage you to utilize something that you don't need.

                            Every site that my company creates is developed using Adobe Photoshop CS2.

                            The design is then "sliced" into what we call a bunch of 'DIVS', that are controlled by a .CSS stylesheet which is also hand written.

                            Most would refer to this as a "Web 2.0" type design. If you look at our websites ( and, you'll see how this is setup and how it works.

                            Basically, the entire design aspect of the site is controlled by the stylesheet. This allows you to seperate the layout of the site from the code.

                            This makes your site hundreds of times more search engine friendly, since search engines don't care about the layout of your site anyway and only read the text.

                            Formatting your site in this manner would take some knowledge of XHTML (which is nothing more than XML and HTML combined), and CSS, which controls the general layout of the site, and allows for what we refer to as a "table-less" design.

                            Instead of using tables, instead everything is laid out by the stylesheet, and the XHTML code simply places the DIVS in the order they are referred to by the stylesheet, allowing you to effectively place elements of your website "on top of" or "underneath" one another.

                            This is a really creative way to create websites, and you will find that most designers don't do it that way because they aren't concerned about search engine optimization.

                            Web Designers and SEO people (like me), usually don't see eye to eye for this very reason.

                            Web Designers are concerned about human appeal of a website (which is a good thing). . .but they often neglect the optimization techniques that search engines will use to find your website; especially guilty of this are Flash Designers. I've seen websites completely created in Flash, and while the site looks GREAT to the human eye, search engines fail to see the website, and as a result, the site doesn't get the search engine traffic it needs, rendering you with a nice site that no one can find (the ultimate "catch 22").

                            On the other hand, you have guys like me who insist the site should be "ugly" so that is is indexable by search engines, but obviously this method is flawed too, in the respect, YES, search engines will be able to find the site, and as a result, all other things aside, it will get traffic, but no one buys anything from an ugly site.

                            Then I met my current wife (and business partner), Rachel. She insisted that a site COULD be attractive, and still get great search engine traffic.

                            We now have a staff of 6 people, who are all versed in this skill (being able to design a site and "hand code" it so that it looks great to the eye, but is still search engine friendly), including my wife and I.

                            This is the stuff we're able to produce now. . .

                            If you have the time to do it yourself, then have at it.

                            Otherwise, you should hire a professional company to imeplement the changes I've mentioned, and of course (shameless self-plug) we could be that company you hire! =0)

                            Also, if you really want to do it yourself, and don't want to run a stand-alone app like FrontPage or DreamWeaver to code your site, you can always used a web based system like the tools offered at -- they make some good stuff!

                            Anyway, let me know if you have any questions.
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                                HAARK58 Wayfarer
                                Devil Dog,

                                Quick question; I have research Frontpage and was planning to use it to rebuild my site however, I have Windows Vista which is not compatible with Frontpage (of course). The new program that they have is Microsoft Expressions.

                                1. I am not HTML literate; I am really trying to avoid that learning curve.

                                2. I like have the autonomy to make the need and neccessary changes to my site on-demand.

                                I used Yahoo SiteBuilder for these purposes. Are you familar with Expressions and will I be able to use it without have the knowledge of a professional web designer? If not Expressions; is there another program that you could recommend?

                                Thanks for the assistance...I've noticed that your comments get a significant number of views. I log-in most days to see if you have said anything new because of the depth of your comments.


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                                    NatOnline Tracker
                                    Hello HAARH58,

                                    I was like you and tried to stay away from htlm code but unfortunately you need to learn this basic code if you want to fix errors generated by softwares.

                                    I am using Dreamweaver it is a pretty good program but once again most softwares are generating code errors.

                                    Keep in mind, the cleaner your code is, the better people load your site pages and search engines crawl your site.

                                    Good luck in your project.
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                                      GSOL.US Wayfarer
                                      Hey HAARK/Bobby,

                                      Well, some of the responses you received would be accurate too.

                                      I don't know about a "Poem of the Day", but that poster definitely has the right idea.

                                      If you look at my website,, you'll see that I have content that "changes frequently" which is what the poster who mentioned "Poem of the Day" is talking about.

                                      It's called the "stickiness effect" -- i.e. having content that changes frequently enough to keep your visitors coming back.

                                      On my site specifically, you'll notice the following things change frequently, and I have noted below how often and what:

                                      1) RSS Feeds -- these changes every 24 - 48 hours. These appear on the left hand side of my website.

                                      2) Testimonials from clients -- these changes upon every visit to my site. These appear in the lower left hand corner of the site. You can refresh the page a few times, and you'll see them change right before your eyes.

                                      3) Main content -- in the center of my page, you'll see my content changes based on visitor information; in this case where the visitor lives. I target my marketing very specifically, and depending on where you live when you visit my site, the phrase that says: "Best New York Website Marketing Company" could change to something that says, for example, "Best Miami Website Marketing Company" if you visit my website from the state of Florida. This is called "Geo-IP targeting" and is a technology that even Google uses to display the proper results (i.e. people who visit Google in the Texas will get slightly different results from those visiting Google from Maine for example).

                                      For this technique, I developed a software called "Super Page Splitter", which you can get information on at

                                      Or you can just type my name into any major search engine: Eric Gillette

                                      And you'll find all my sites. Of the 625,834 other Eric Gillette's on the planet, Google and other engines think I'm the most important one! =0)P (Just a joke!)

                                      4) Most importantly, my page validates at W3C, which is a very important step in making sure that search engines can index your site.

                                      Now to answer your question. . .(it's good to know my posts get a lot of views -- I try to be as accurate and as informational as possible!)

                                      If you want to avoid the HTML "learning curve" then you should consider a CMS system to run your website.

                                      A (C)ontent (M)anagement (S)ystem will make managing your site as easy as managing it with Yahoo Site Builder, and will give you a little more control even.

                                      However, there are caveats, which I will list below:

                                      HTML vs. CMS (Y means Yes, N means No, D means depends on system)

                                      HTML: Custom Editing Your Pages (Y)
                                      CMS: Custom Editing Your Pages (D) -- some CMS software will allow you to do this, some won't.

                                      HTML: Easily Linking Your Pages Together (Y)
                                      CMS: Easily Linking Your Pages Together (D) -- some CMS software will allow you to do this, some won't.

                                      HTML: Custom Designing Your Site (Y)
                                      CMS: Custom Designing Your Site (N) -- most CMS sofware will have built-in templates, etc, but won't allow you to custom design your site, unless you know how to edit the template, which is. . .you guessed it. . .HTML based.

                                      HTML: Allows you to get up and running quickly (D) -- depends on your HTML knowledge.
                                      CMS: Allows you to get up and running quickly (Y) -- most CMS systems will produce much of the content for your website automatically.

                                      So there are reasons to learn HTML, and reasons to get up and running as quickly as possible.

                                      Here are some recommendations:



                             -- this software is used more for blogging than for e-commerce websites

                             -- This is a shopping cart software my company makes. It is open-source and fully supported by us.



                                      What does all this mean??

                                      Well, let me explain, Interspire, and Joomla are WYSIWYG HTML editors that allow you to manage your website from a CMS interface.

                                      WordPress is more of a blogging software that allows you to manage your informational website with ease.

                                      XCart, OsCommerce, and My company's solution, are shopping cart, and CMS solutions all in one.

                                      They allow you to manage, edit your website's pages, as well as take care of e-commerce transactions.

                                      Depending on what your needs are, you could use any of these (well not WordPress really, unless you're just blogging).

                                      If you're not too concerned about editing your website in the future, or don't care about being under someone's proverbial "thumb" when you get bigger, you can consider one of the "ready-baked" solutions available like:


                                      The trick with these companies is that most of them will charge you MUCH more than it would cost to buy all the things they are providing you individually.

                                      Also, most of them are cost-prohibitive to growing business, as they have monthly fees they charge whether or NOT you're making money online.

                                      Yahoo is probably the worst of the 4 I listed, since they charge something like $99 PER MONTH for hosting, when you can easily by hosting for less than two months of their costs with most companies (including mine).

                                      What makes them really bad is that they also use a proprietary version of HTML ("RTML" as they call it), which is a pain to edit, and requires another learning curve after you learn industry standard HTML, and is also why most Yahoo websites look exactly the same.

                            , Volusion, and others I listed are the same for the most part.

                                      They all have templates, etc, and allow you to "customize" your store (if you can call it that), a little bit.

                                      BUT, once you start to grow they increase your fees, etc for hosting, and what not.

                                      Now, that isn't to say once you grow you won't outgrow most hosting platforms, and will probably need your own dedicated server, but even the cost of dedicated hosting is far cheaper than those solutions.

                                      Anyway, just some bits for your to chew on. . .if you want to know more, give me a holler.
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                                designer Tracker

                                Don't feel bad, we ALL need traffic! It takes a few years to get any business going. There is a lot of information out there and people are overwhelmed. Try to build up a mailing list, send out postcards and maybe have a daily feature on your site that people can bookmark and keep a Poem of the Day? Try to tell as many friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. you know about your site and spread the word! If you tell just one person a day, over builds up!


                                I tried Google Ad Words and spent nearly $1,000.00 last summer on it, but I didn't get any new clients, so I don't know if it would work for you.


                                Try to find Blogs, businesses that do the same thing you do and maybe you guys can link to one another and criss-cross exposure.


                                Hope it helps a little!
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                                  CommunityTeam Adventurer
                                  Don't forget to participate in one of our upcoming search events next month to learn how to drive more traffic to your website. Below is the thread URL for more information. The first event is on June 2, mark it on your calendar.
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                                    ThemedSEO Wayfarer
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