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    84% of Americans Hate their Jobs!?

    ginabrollier Newbie

      How sad is that? 84% of us are walking around, living lives that are not up to par, wanting something different but not knowing how to achieve it.


      I'm no longer one of them. I broke the mold, started doing work I love, being my own boss, travelling when I want, and making more money per month than I did before.


      How can you achieve the same? Simple. Follow these steps:


      1. Take action. You will never achieve anything sitting around wishing for a better life.


      2. Find a great mentor or team of mentors to show you the way. Why reinvent the wheel when you can mirror their success?


      3. Believe in yourself. You must believe that you are just as capable and powerful as any other person... believe me, you are.


      4. Set goals. You need something real to strive towards, to give you momentum. "I want to get by" is not a goal. "I want to be able to move to Hawaii and work on the beach within 6 months" is a goal. "I want the freedom to spend time with my kids whenever I want" is a goal.


      I took action, joined a great team, believed I could be successful, and set goals for myself.


      It's not magic that I'm now free from the 9-5... I followed the formula that works every time.


      If you're ready to take action and achive the freedom you deserve you can check out the business my team of mentors uses and replicate our success
      for yourself. We're always happy to mentor motivated people. Click below for my free newsletter and more information:



      Please feel free to drop me a line and we can figure out how to help you reach your goals. And remember, if you follow my steps for success, you will empower yourself to become free and achieve anything you desire. Good luck!


      Gina Brollier
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          84% of Americans Hate their Jobs
          It is so nice that you and I are part of the other 16%.
          *Like you **I broke the mold, started doing work I love, being my own boss,
          traveling when I want,*
          *vacationed, and played tennis when I wanted and made more money than I did
          Lets hear from the other 14 out there.
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            intechspecial Ranger
            I had posted a previous comment, but I am not sure that it was extremely relevant.


            This is encouraging information, thank you for the post.
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              seeker Wayfarer
              Is this 84% covering all Americans or just the ones in payroll? Why would someone hate his/her own job if he/she invested on it.
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                designer Tracker
                84% of Americans Hate their Jobs? What is the source? We must consider the source. That number seems extremely out of whack. We all choose our own careers more or less and we grow up and mature and we pay for and groom our education into select chosen fields. I really just don't believe it.If it is true, we are all in trouble. That means 8 out of each 10 people we see walking down the street might go "postal" or be a threat to co-workers and society?
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                    ginabrollier Newbie
                    A recent poll has shown that 84% of people hated their job. I apologize, I don't remember who the poll was conducted by but it was a huge one. I saw it on CNN.

                    We must remember that not everyone is privileged enough to have a cool job. A lot of people work minimum wage jobs and a lot of people are disillusioned by working for corporations. The economy is terrible and a lot of people are working 12 hour days making other people rich.

                    You may have a great job, so not realize that other people don't, but 84% doesn't surprise me at all. So many of my firneds are trying to find meaning in their lives and their jobs aren't providing that for them.
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                        puzzleman Tracker

                        I do not believe that 84% number. It seems to me if that many people hated their job, I would see 84% of the people I deal with being rude or unhelpful. I don't see that. I also think that people love to say that they hate their job as it is the in thing to do.

                        As far as your friends trying to find the meaning to their life through their job, they are looking in the wrong place. They have to seek the meaning first and then find the job that fits their meaning of life.

                        You work for someone else because you wnat that person's money in exchange for your time and skills. It has nothing to do with meaning of life. Just a rental agreement.

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                            intechspecial Ranger
                            84% of Americans hate their jobs.

                            16% are out of work because of having a poor attitude or not performing on the job.

                            Right now in a third world country, a mans family is starving to death because he can not provide. This very same country, 99% would love to have the opportunities we do in America.

                            Maybe America better get there priorities straight.