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    need a loan to start a new business ! Please help!

    tapiocaThouse Newbie
      <address>I posted here before and I got a lot of replies but I haven t found one answer that seem to solve my situation. I need a loan for 50.000 to build my cafe/ restaurant. It costs me a fortune to get the place up and going and I just need that loan for more cash flow and help the business when we first open.
      My credit score is 713. But I m young so my credit hystory is not that long (about 2 years).
      I do have a personal account and business account with Bank of America. I have been using that account to pay for the expenses of the store. We expect to get it open by July 1st.
      I do have a business plan .My husband is a veteran, I don t know if that open the door to get the loan a little more.
      So please help me . I applied for a couple places and they turned me down because they only offer loan to business that has been opened for two years or more.....
      I really need this loan asap since I already paid so much money to get the place fixed.
      I do use Score since my husband is a veteran. That s how we got our business plan and other paperwork done.


      A message to Luckiest...
      I sent you an email but I haven t heard anything from you. I wonder if you still want to see my business plan and discuss a little more. You can reach me at or nguyen_danthanh

      Thanks a lot for helping
      happy mother s day to all mothers in the forum


      P/s : I was about giving up seeking a loan online but then I saw a sign behind one car today said " MIRACLE DO HAPPEN " . So I guess I ll give this one more try and hope that MIRACLE will happen to us .
      Thanks for reading and best wishes to you !
      Thanh Nguyen
      *Tapioca teahouse LLP*</address>